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3 Hurts in Gujranwala Robbery Turns Fatal for One

Posted by on Thursday, February 9, 2012, 9:35
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A man was shot dead and three injured including a woman during a futile robbery attempt in Jhangi area of Gujranwala district on Wednesday, Media News reports.Gujranwala Robbery

Four dacoits broke into the house of a man identified as Shaukat but met resistance as his family started shouting as soon as they noticed presence of strangers at their residence. Subsequently, burglars opened indiscriminate fire, fearing of being caught red-handed.

Consequently, Shaukat sustained fatal wounds and ended up dying on the spot while another three were left injured including deceased’s wife.

Later, the thugs managed to flee the scene taking advantage of family being in panic, police said, which reached the crime scene shortly after the incident. Investigations have now been commenced as the case against unidentified assailants has been lodged, they added.

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