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A 32MP In-Display Selfie Camera!!! Infinix is not coming slow

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Selfies pop up everywhere in the world of social media. Not just the ordinary public, even the celebrities have jumped onto the bandwagon. A phone is considered extremely average if it does not have a quality front camera. If you look at apps like snapchat and Instagram, people mostly use their cameras primarily for selfies and making live videos of their experiences.

If you talk about bloggers, vloggers, influencers and social media app addicts, features like IG TV and live chat have become the most popular among this lot.

Now, in the time of excessive use of photography, a phone with an exceptionally good selfie camera is not less than a treat. There are two kinds of people; Those who would spend lavishly to get a good camera with extraordinary features and the others who would look out for a budgeted phone with comparatively better features and great camera results. Infinix has come as a package for the latter ones i.e. trying to get the best in the most affordable range.

In the world of apps like Tiktok, Dubsmash and Musically, phone cameras have become more of a necessity than just a trend or a fashion statement. It has become a source of earning for a lot of so-called “Instagram celebrities”.

Keeping in mind the need of the hour and the trends that are rapidly taking over the fashion world; Infinix is producing kick-ass phones that do not just look good in terms of semblance but also in terms of giving remarkable features and facilities. It does not just claim to have a 32mp selfie camera it proves the narrated facts with the incredible result it gives.

If you compare the selfie power of other competitive brands, you can spot a clear difference in the clarity and pixels of the image that is visibly found in Infinix S5. Even if the brand keeps the price low, it does not compromise on the quality of the camera having a great resolution and specifications. In such an astonishing price range, Infinix intends to keep its pace ahead of every other brand with a commitment to keep its users satisfied.

The most amazing quality in the selfie camera of this phone is that you do not have to be a professional photographer to take pictures. With its sensitive and profound settings, it has the ability to automatically adjust itself according to the conditions around the user. The one who is not much of a tech-savvy can operate the camera with a sheer convenience.

Considering the fact that the phone is a source of connectivity, a good camera is as essential as the appearance of the phone. Having a bad result of the camera would result in bad connectivity which in return will only degrade the brand image. This is tackled very well by Infinix in its new phone series Infinix S5 equipped with a 32-megapixel AI in-display selfie sensor. So, getting a great phone with excellent features under 25k is definitely not a bad deal at all.


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