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Anonymous Hack CIA Shut Down Website

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Hactivist group, Anonymous has garnered fame, fans, followers and enemies by targeting government organisations for its hacking-for-a-cause. CIAHacking into the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) website and even phonecalls, this week they directed their anger towards the Central Investigation Agency (CIA), the premiere spy agency in the world.

Mashable reported on Friday that Anonymous took down CIAโ€™s website at about 3:50 (US eastern time) Friday. They subsequently announced this through one of their affiliate Twitter accounts in a message reminiscent of lingo used by agents to denote one of them has been struck down: โ€œCIA TANGO DOWN: cia.govโ€

Last week, as the group hacked into the FBI, it released an audio recording of a conversation between the FBI and Scotland Yard about a joint cybercrime investigation into the workings of Anonymous.

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