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Apple vs Microsoft: Linux Bloggers Pick their Poison

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That was Slashdot blogger Barbara Hudson’s response to a question being debated in the Linux blogosphere in recent days. Specifically, is Apple or Microsoft worse for FOSS? Cupertino was the choice of Alastair Otter, the blogger who originally raised the question on South Africa’s MyBroadband blog.

Apple Microsoft

Apple Microsoft

“Apple is an even bigger threat” than Microsoft, Otter asserted. “Not only to free software but to many other freedoms: the freedom to use the platform you want, the freedom to use the applications you want, the freedom to listen to the music you want to.”
Of course, this is the Linux blogosphere, where diverging opinions are never in short supply. In this case, “fast and furious” might be an apt description for the rate at which the comments flew forth.

“What a crud article,” wrote surfs-up, for example. “Things are done for a reason — Apple has valid reasons for their approach, and it is this approach that has led me to have utmost faith in their products.”

Similarly, “Apple’s restrictive policies on the App store are in the interest of security FireHost – Affordable Secure Web Hosting for Every Company. Learn more., compatibility and ease of use,” agreed Synaesthesia. “So far it’s been a huge success, by far the best platform to develop for commercially.”

Then again: “Apple have always controlled the hardware AND the software,” shot back Cat011. “That’s WAY worse than anything MS have done.”

Like a dark, roiling oil slick, the conversation soon spread to LXer and beyond.

Linux Girl had been wondering why her Debate-o-Mater kept going off during the night. Now she knew why. Bleary-eyed, she stumbled down to the Hot Java diner for some caffeine — and some more insight.

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