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Barack Obama Decries Disgusting Attack on Malala

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A day after teenage peace activist Mala Yousufzai was shot by the Taliban, President Barack Obama described the event as “reprehensible, disgusting and tragic.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Speaking to reporters at the press briefing, White House spokesperson Jay Carney relayed President Obama’s sentiments and said that the United States has offered any necessary assistance to Malala. “As part of this offer, the US military has agreed to provide air ambulance and medical treatment at a facility suitable for her condition if it becomes necessary.”

The WH spokesperson added that the US has strongly condemned the shooting, and that directing violence at children is barbaric and cowardly. “Our hearts go out to her and the others who were wounded, as well as their families.”

Earlier, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Malala was attacked by extremists who do not want girls to have an education or speak for themselves.

Speaking at an event to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts at the State Department on Wednesday, Secretary Clinton said that Malala has been very brave in standing up for the rights of girls in the area she belongs to. Secretary Clinton said that the teenage peace activist was attacked and shot by extremists who don’t want girls to become leaders, and are threatened by that kind of empowerment.

She added that their efforts should be to support women who struggle against tradition, culture, outright hostility and violence to pursue their potential.

Ban Ki Moon ‘outraged’ over Malala attack

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in a statement issued through his spokesperson said that he was “outraged” over the incident.

“Like so many others in Pakistan and around the world he’s truly outraged by this attack,” Ban’s spokesman Martin Nesirky told reporters. “To show his support he’s writing to the family of Malala Yousufzai.”

In a statement later on Wednesday, Ban called for those responsible for “this heinous and cowardly act to be swiftly brought to justice,” saying he had been “deeply moved” by Yousufzai’s courageous efforts to promote a right to education.

Later, United Nations Children’s Fund’s Leila Zerrougui, also strongly condemned the attack.

“Education is a fundamental right for all children,” said Zerrougui in a statement. “The (Pakistani Taliban) must respect the right to education of all children, including girls, to go to school and live in peace.”

France condemns attack

In a statement released by the French embassy in Islamabad on Wednesday, the murder attempt on Malala was condemned.

“Attempt against a defenseless girl illustrates the cowardice and cruelty of the Taliban, who have claimed responsibility of the attack.

France called the Pakistani authorities to carry tracking down the persons, who ordered and carried out this attack and promptly bring them before justice.

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