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Bollywood Super Hit Film Dabangg Part 2 Ready to Take Off

Posted by on Friday, March 2, 2012, 12:19
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The sequel to one of 2010′s most popular films, Dabangg 2 would see Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha as husband and wife.The other members from the core cast, Vinod Khanna as Salman and Arbaaz’s father and Mahie Gill as Arbaaz’s wife are also back in the sequel.

Dabangg 2And yes, so is Salman Khan’s trademark Chulbul moustache.

Contrary to earlier plans, there will be no scaling down in Chulbul Pandey audacity, precociousness and cockiness just because he is now a householder.

According to sources the scriptwriter Dilip Shukla’s initial plans of sobering down Chulbul Pandey’s personality was effectually quashed by producer-director Arbaaz Khan.

Says the source, “Shukla was in favour of sobering down Chulbul Pandey in keeping with his married status. But Arbaaz knocked the proposal down. Everyone in the team including Salman felt Chulbul Pandey’s USP was his brattiness and arrogance. So the move to scale down Salman’s sassy attitude has been cut down.”

The change, if any, would occur in Sonakshi’s character. Since the main characters are now moving to a larger town in UP, namely Lucknow and Kanpur, Sonakshi will no longer be the gaon ki gori that she was in the first film.

Arbaaz said, “am I nervous? Should I be? Yes, there’s a lot of excitement since a lot of hopes and expectations are built around the project. But it’s not as if I am a novice to filmmaking. It’s not as though I’ve gone from the cement business to filmmaking. I am from a family where cinema is a given. I understand cinema. And even in the first Dabangg film I was very hands-on. I wasn’t just the producer.”

Arbaaz says he spent almost a year on the script. “I wanted to get the script right. We had to make sure we were moving ahead and not just cashing in on a brand name. Luckily I’ve a fresh enthusiastic team to support me and God willing, Dabangg 2 will be even bigger than Dabangg.”

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