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Children main victim of diseases

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Former Secretary-General Pakistan Medical Association, Karachi, Dr Qaisar Sajjad said that gastroenteritis, typhoid, cholera, hepatitis A and E will badly affect the internally displaced persons (IDPs), particularly children, as they have no access to clean drinking water and hygienic food.

Children main victim of diseases
Children main victim of diseases

He said that children might be largely affected as they do not have a strong immune system. In order to avoid these diseases, he urged the authorities to provide clean water and food at these camps. He regretted that the government takes action after the eruption of such disasters when it should take measures in advance to cope with such tragedies.

Arrangements for better sanitary conditions in bathrooms can also save them from this menace, he stressed.

Those already suffering from any disease must be shifted to the hospitals instead of leaving them in camps, he said.
President Pakistan Medical Association Dr Idris Edhi reiterated that children can be affected by water-borne diseases in these temporary relief camps.

He added that the recent rains in the city have increased the risk of spreading diarrhoea and gastroenteritis.

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