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Christian Girl Granted Bail in Pakistan Islam Defamation Case (Rimsha Case)

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The District Court has ordered the release of Rimsha Masih held on blasphemy charges upon the payment of 500,000 rupees bail.

Rimsha Case
Rimsha Case

Fourteen year old Rimsha Masih has been in detention since she was accused of burning pages of the Holy Quran.

Later witnesses came forward in the case and recorded statements that the prayer leader of the mosque, Khalid Jadoon had tampered with evidence.

A medical report last week said Rimsha appeared to be around 14 years old, which would make her a minor, and had a mental age below her true age.

Some reports have said Rimsha has Down’s Syndrome and her case has prompted concern from Western governments and anger from rights groups, who warn the blasphemy legislation is often abused to settle personal vendettas.

Clerics across Pakistan had said that if the Khalid Jadoon is found to be guilty of tampering with evidence, he should be severely punished.

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