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CJ Sindh High Court Suspends Ban on Motorcycle Riding in Karachi

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Chief Justice Sindh High Court has dismissed Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s orders regarding a ban on motorcycle riding in Karachi, issuing notices to IG Sindh, Home Secretary and Advocate General Sindh.

Chief Justice Sindh High Court

Chief Justice Sindh High Court

SHC Chief Justice Justice Mushir Alam has ordered the IG, AG and Home Secretary to appear before the court On Friday morning.

The SHC orders came after the CJ received a written application against Malik’s announcement of ban on motorcycle riding. The application was submitted by President Sindh Hight Court Bar Association.

Earlier, citing security reasons, the government not only banned riding motorcycles but also decided to suspend cellular services in Karachi and Quetta for Friday.

Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, talking to media here, announced that motorbikes would not be allowed to come on the roads from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Friday.

He also added that no one would be exempt from this ban.

Malik said that his ministry had received information that motorcycles would be used in terrorist attacks at public places.

“The decision to keep the bikers off the road has come on the heels of intelligence reports reports that terrorists are hatching plans to carry out attacks using motorcycles” Malik said.

The interior minister added that displaying weapons would also be strictly prohibited in Karachi.

It is pertinent to mention that there are at least 1.4 million registered motorcycles in Karachi and about 0.12 million in Quetta.

Malik said that the mobile phone services would also remain suspended in both the cities from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM tomorrow.

Moreover, markets in the said cities have also been directed to conduct business only from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Friday.

“No market in both the cities will be allowed to open before 10:00 AM and after 5:00 PM” , said he.

Rejecting this outrageous ban different trade bodies raised voice against it, urging relaxation as businesses were already down in the dumps.

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