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Commercial plane crashes near Islamabad; deaths feared

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Posted by on Wednesday, July 28, 2010, 12:22
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ISLAMABAD: A commercial airbus of a private airline has crashed into Margalla Hills, a mountainous range behind Shah Faisal Mosque, apparently due to rough weather.

According to preliminary reports, as many as 150 passengers including crewmembers were onboard plane while the smoke is seen rising through heavy clouds from the crash site, police and rescue service officials said.

Eyewitnesses said people noticed airbus flying at very low altitude near Daman-e-Koh this morning and it might have crashed due to rough weather.

The wreckage can be seen in video footages with fierce fire raging and smoke emitting from there despite heavy rains in Islamabad.

Airport sources said the flight took off at 7:50am from Karachi to Islamabad but crashed due to uneven weather a few minutes before landing after loosing connection with control tower.

Islamabad is witnessing heavy showers and thick fog at the moment. Meanwhile rescue teams have been dispatched to area.

Commercial plane crashes near Islamabad; deaths feared

Commercial plane crashes near Islamabad; deaths feared

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3 Responses to “Commercial plane crashes near Islamabad; deaths feared”

  1. rabia haroøn
    2010.07.29 02:55

    i am very sad, in tears 4 the people who die in the crash, and only wanted to say tht this time instead of hiding the black box they found already, they shud admit al the mistakes and inform the effecties with reallity. 😥

    2010.07.29 10:57

    this is bed website i ever sees

  3. Anonymous
    2010.07.29 11:14


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