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Doctors Alleged Negligence Kills Patient (Jhang)

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Doctors’ alleged negligence took life of a patient in District Headquarters Hospital, the family members of the deceased patient kept dead body on road and staged stern protest in Jhang today, media reported on Wednesday.


A patient Iqbal, who belonged to Kot Sai Singh area of Jhnag, was admitted in the District Headquarters Hospital. Owing to alleged negligence of the doctors, he expired this day.

Deceased patient Iqbal’s relatives turned angry over his death and they started violent protest in the hospital; they damaged hospital belongings and tortured the doctors.

After receiving information, the police rushed to the hospital and managed to disperse the angry relatives of the patient.

The protesting relatives moved outside the hospital and resumed their protest after keeping dead body of the deceased patient on Jhang-Gojra Road.

The doctors present on duty in DHQ Hospital said on the occasion that patient Iqbal was being rendered proper medical treatment but he expired as suddenly his heart stopped functioning while they did not neglect him at all.

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