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Drone attacks in Pakistan

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A trespassing by 14 anti-war activists on an airbase in Nevada is likely to lead to a judicial review of US drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan as a judge agreed on Wednesday not to treat their act as a simple misdemeanour.

Drone attacks in Pakistan
Drone attacks in Pakistan

The 14 were arrested in 2009 at Creech Air Force Base near Las Vegas while protesting the use of drones in the Pak-Afghan region that are controlled from the base. They pleaded not guilty.

One of the defendants, Kathy Kelly, argued in a Las Vegas court on Wednesday that they were trespassing out of necessity and assembling peacefully. Some of the anti-war activists succeeded in convincing the judge to hold a full hearing on the use of drones rather than treating it as a simple trespassing case. The judge said he would take three to four months to study the issues and testimonies involved before making a decision.

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