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End of Love Story Girl Throws Acid on Boyfriend (Faisalabad)

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Posted by on Monday, March 12, 2012, 9:02
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Setting a new trend contrary to what have been the conventional stories of acid attacks in country, a girl threw acid on her boyfriend in Faisalabad, leaving the boy critically injured who was shifted to hospital shortly after the incident, Reports Sunday.Girl Throws Acid

On one hand, the incidents of acid throwing have been on rise in Pakistan for some decades while the orthodox attacks, on the other hand, seem to have put on an alarming guise wherein only the girls/women being victimesed in such cases has not been traditional anymore – as Nabila of Faisalabad, having flown into rages over some personal disputes, splashed acid on the face of her 21-year boyfriend Mohsin in Marzipura area of Faisalabad.

The ill-fated Mohsin, who was accused of harassing his girlfriend Nabila, was rushed to hospital in critical state, police said.

According to police, Nabila said her boyfriend raped her several times and was also boasting of in front of his friends all what he did with her.

Later on, to a question regarding the recently legislated sentence of acid throwing that is ‘life imprisonment’, Nabila told journalists she was prepared to embrace any kind of punishment for what she did.

Moshin is under treatment at a local hospital and is in state of unconsciousness at this time, hospital sources said.

Area DSP Ashiq Jutt told journalists that accused Nabila in her statement had told police that not only did Mohsin keep raping her but also demanding money and gifts from her.

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1 Response to “End of Love Story Girl Throws Acid on Boyfriend (Faisalabad)”

  1. Mudassar Khan
    2012.03.12 10:54

    both are culprits and should be hanged to death. This shows the weaknes of our society. Almost Every pakistani wants to rape others sisters and daughters. And girls like nabila 1st fulfill their lust then try to become innocent. Its a grave concern. We as a nation are completely lost and gone astray. We need another Hazrat Umar (R.A) who may chop off the heads of corrupters drinkers and adulterers

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