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FIA Given three Day Remand (Hajj scam)

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A special court in Islamabad on Sunday gave a three-day extension in physical remand of former director-general Hajj Rao Shakil who is allegedly involved in irregularities to the tune of billions of rupees.

FIA Given three Day Remand
FIA Given three Day Remand

Shakil was brought to the special court by head of the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Shujja Naveed Yousufzai. The SIU had sought a seven-day physical remand of the accused but the magistrate did not accept FIA’s plea, giving only three days to the agency to hold the accused.

On Saturday, FIA arrested Rao Shakil and a senior official, Adil Morkar, accusing them of being involved in massive financial irregularities in Hajj affairs.

A senior official of FIA’s Crime Circle said: “The DG Hajj hired more expensive rooms in connivance with junior staff as well as property dealers in Makkah and Madina incurring a loss of Rs1 billion to the national exchequer.”

FIA’s crime circle continued to mount raids to apprehend various officials involved in irregularities in the Hajj ministry.

Meanwhile, the FIA is learnt to have shifted director of the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) Abdul Malick, believed to be involved in importing substandard wheat, to Karachi for further investigation.

The TCP director, FIA Director-General Waseem Ahmad said, allegedly imported 230,000 tons of wheat which later was sold at a higher price to millers.

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