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Fiji with love (Veena Malik)

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Sultry siren Veena Malik, who is in the exotic Fiji Islands these days for work, shares details on her life. The actor talks about her days in one of the most beautiful islands in the world, the shooting experience of Supermodel and how she wishes the best for Mohammad Asif, who got released from London jail on May 3.

Veena Malik

On people of Fiji

“It’s the first time I’m here and the experience is great. People of Fiji are warm, nice and down-to-earth. I even found this same personality trait in the Attorney General of Fiji, whom I recently met,” said Veena Malik in a telephonic interview to The Express Tribune.

Work comes first

Malik disclosed that she plans to stay in Fiji for another week to shoot the remaining scenes of the film. “Most of the shoot has been done but we are here till May 10 and after that, the team will be leaving for Mumbai. The director [Navin] has a unique way of doing stuff and his technical team is amazing.” About working with her ex-flame Ashmit Patel again, she says, “He is like any other colleague for me. It’s going well.”

Back to the land of spices

Malik says that she has to fly back to India as soon as possible because her projects: Tamil remake of The Dirty Picture and Bollywood comedy-thriller Rajni ki Lag Gai are slated to begin shooting in the month of May. Apart from her reel ventures, the actor is also gearing up for the first look of Mumbai 125km, a promotional shoot of Daal Mein Kuch Kala Hai and her cameo appearance for a song in Zindagi 50/50.

Tamil treats

Her debut in the Tamil film industry, The Dirty Picture, is a remake of Ekta Kapoor’s movie of the same name and Malik will play the role played by actor Vidya Balan in the Hindi version. Malik, who is ecstatic to be offered this role says, “I always wanted to work in a Tamil film. I believe Tamil films are very strong as far as the script goes and technical work is concerned. I hate doing same old boy meets girl movies and I won’t be accepting any roles like these anymore.”

Her main concern, however, is that her role requires her to gain a few pounds but she is not really fond of eating heavy meals. “I have to put on weight for the film and I am not a foodie at all. I have never had three complete meals in my life but now I will have to.”

When inquired if she’d have problem delivering dialogues in Tamil, Malik stated, “Initially, the plan is to have a workshop for 10 days and language is always a challenging skill for an actor but I will give it my very best shot. It will be challenging for me, but interesting too.”

Next singing sensation?

The actor plans on launching her singing career by releasing two solos this summer. “My music career will certainly get a boost in the coming months. I plan to release two solo songs during the late summer season in Pakistan, the UK, India and UAE.”

It’s good to be free

Malik, who says her motto is ‘to live and let live’ says that she wishes her ex-flame Mohammad Asif the very best in life and is happy that he has been released from jail. “I hope he has learnt his lessons in life. Firstly, never betray a girl and play with her feelings and secondly, not to fix matches and play with the entire nation’s emotions. I’m sure he punished himself more than anyone else could. I have good wishes for him and his future, but I wonder what will happen to his sports career.”

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