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Gen Allen Says No Guarantee of Nov 26 like Mishap Not Happen Again

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The International Security Assistance Force denied allegations that the recent NATO attack on two Pakistani military posts in Mohmand Agency on Afghanistan border was deliberate.

Gen Allen and Nato’s Senior Civilian Representative to Afghanistan Sir Simon Gass were in Dubai and spoke to the media about the encouraging trends in the security, political and development spheres in Afghanistan.

Gen Allen also spoke about the strategic coordination and cooperation between the ISAF and Pakistan and highlighted the importance of having a sustained long-term relationship that benefits not only the ISAF but more importantly Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Asked if there were any guarantees of such a mishap not happening again, Gen Allen said: “You simply can’t guarantee anything in war. The conditions are difficult at the border, let the investigation play out, we will look carefully. If we find fault on our part, we will resolve that … we will look at every aspect of the circumstances to make sure it does not happen again.”

However, Gen Allan’s words of counsel in the aftermath of the incident and in context with the deterioration of Pakistan’s relations with the US and Nato were to exercise caution.

“I simply call on all sides that the words we speak and the deeds we undertake do not go so far that we cannot achieve equilibrium in the end, that’s all we should seek to achieve in the end, a relationship of equilibrium in the long run.”

“My appeal to Pakistan is that there is a virulent insurgency and this is poised to attack Pakistan, Afghanistan and the members of ISAF,” he said.

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