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Governor Punjab Salman Taseer Murder Asia Bibi Case

Posted by on Tuesday, January 4, 2011, 17:35
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Salman Taseer has died in a gun attack by the elite force person as the governor Punjab. Governor Punjab was doing shopping in the F-6 market of the Islamabad and as he was returning from the market, he was attacked by the elite force and a full burst was entered into his body and he died on the spot.

Governor Punjab Salman Taseer Murder Asia Bibi Case
Governor Punjab Salman Taseer Murder Asia Bibi Case

Salman Taseer was known for his secular and anti-extremists views. Quite recently, he was seen siding with the Asia Bibi case in which the Christian women was found guilty of the blasphemy.ย  Salman Taseer received many threats from the extremists and it seemed that the Salman Taseer became victim of the attack.

Salman Taseer was escorted with full security but then it all failed as the security was breached and in presence of commandos he was slain as police personnel opened fired of him.ย  This would be another incident of the terrorism in the country. After the assassination of Benazir Bhutto this is another high profile assassination of the political figure.

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1 Response to “Governor Punjab Salman Taseer Murder Asia Bibi Case”

  1. geral
    2011.01.05 01:29

    This was a de facto assassination of an apparent cia operative and was intended to send a message to the fbi/cia mass murderers that the NWO will not be achieved on the backs of the Pakistanis.

    QUESTIONS! geral sosbee

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