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Hafiz Saeed is Pakistan Internal Matter

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Prime Minister Gilani
Prime Minister Gilani

Prime Minister Gilani said on Thursday that the issue of Hafiz Saeed was Pakistan’s internal matter. Prime Minister Gilani was addressing the joint session of Parliament during which he called upon the US to provide concrete evidence against Saeed.

โ€œOur judiciary is free and and if any concrete evidence against Hafiz Saeed was provided, action would be taken against him according to the law.”

The United States has announced a $10 million reward for credible evidence against Hafiz Saeed who is alleged to be the mastermind of the Mumbai attacks.

Speaking about future relations with the US, the Prime Minister informed Parliament that the Parliamentary Committee on National Security was busy finalizing proposals.

When asked what would be the agenda of President Zardariโ€™s visit to India, Gilani responded that the President was visiting India in his private capacity to pay homage to great saint Moeenuddin Chisti (R.A) in Ajmer Sharif.

“Even if any policy matter is discussed during the meeting with the Indian Prime Minister, we will take the Parliament into confidence, he added.

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