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Heavy Rains Cripple in Biggest City Karachi

Posted by on Tuesday, September 13, 2011, 17:54
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rainFloods triggered by monsoon rains crippled biggest city and commercial hub of Karachi on Tuesday, with few people able to make it to work or school, officials said.

Government faces another crisis as monsoon rains which have killed 200 people sweep through southern Sindh province.

New flood waters have made about 280,000 homeless, destroyed or damaged

Many streets were impassable, cars were stuck, several fuel stations were inundated and no visible efforts were underway to drain water.

โ€œWe have recorded 50-100 mm (2 to 4 inches) of rain in Karachi and the situation is pretty bad. Many main roads and areas are inundated at the moment and it can turn even worse,โ€ said Mohammad Hussain Syed, the cityโ€™s district coordination officer.

He said no casualties had been recorded.

Monsoon rains sweep the subcontinent from June to September and are crucial for agriculture.

Government faced a $10 billion bill to repair damage to homes, bridges, roads and other infrastructure.

Aid workers expressed fears over possible outbreaks of diseases linked to the new floods, especially among children.

Pakistan may also have lost up to two million cotton bales, or about 13 percent of its estimated crop, due to heavy monsoon rains during harvesting in Sindh, government and industry officials said.

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