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How defended is Pakistan (Defended Day)

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With the economy in a shambles, half of the population illiterate, alarming birth and mortality rates, beaten by polio, dengue and other serious health issues, burgeoning frustrated youth population, unending, sometimes owned and at other times disowned, war on terror and Balochistan’s syndrome, Pakistan does not, by any means, paint a picture of a well- defended nation.

Defended Day
Defended Day

Whereas our traditional thinking shrinks our approach to the meaning of defence, the world has already embraced a wider approach to it. The recent history of the fall of the USSR speaks volumes about the fact that mere piling up of arms and ammunition is not sufficient for security. It requires far more than that. Undoubtedly, military might is an essential component of the defence but it loses its effectiveness with the foregoing social loopholes. The modern day wars are not solely fought in battlefields, but the circumstances have driven the battles to economic, technological, educational and diplomatic fronts.

In fact, the booming Chinese and Indian economies have already won crucial battles at the world front without a single bullet fired and a human life lost. In addition, muscular economies of these countries have supplemented and strengthened their military might to such an extent that their security has become, to a greater extent, impregnable.

Undoubtedly, Pakistan defended itself from the foreign aggression in 1965 but at the cost of its foreign policy which enslaved the entire nation. It was also felt deeply by the then rulers who came up with compilations such as ‘Friends, not Masters’ to dispel the impression, but in vain. Moreover, the defensive wall was built up by US-provided ammunition in the backdrop of SEATO and CENTO pacts and addicted the shortsighted rulers to always look to West as a saviour.

The occupants of the power corridors, as a matter of fact, became addicted to exploiting the strategic position of Pakistan to satisfy their voracious vested interests. I wonder, what would have happened with the ill-fated masses of Pakistan if there had not been a geo-strategic location of Pakistan. The successive rulers made no serious attempts of making a progressive Pakistan other than squeezing aid, funds and ammunition from their protégé.

It is, therefore, essential to introduce a uniform system of education with a well worked, well researched and hate-free curriculum that meets the needs of modern-day Pakistan. Similarly, reforms in the health sector, revitalisation of the industry, training of the populace in order to change it from a burden population to a human resource such as that of China, ensuring freedom of speech, criticism, press and the civilian supremacy over all other institution would, undoubtedly turn Pakistan’s vulnerability in impregnability.

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