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Hussain Haqqani Secret Letter Published in Newspapers (Supreme Court)

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A ten-judge bench of the Supreme Court (SC) Thursday took up the Memo case as the term of Memo Commission has come to an end today.

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

Akhtar Ali Chaudhry, Advocate on Record, representing former ambassador of Pakistan to the US, Hussain Haqqani requested the bench to adjourn the hearing by April 17 as the Asma Jahangir is on a foreign trip and will be able to attend the hearing on her arrival.

Heading the bench, Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry said Haqqani wrote the apex court a letter and sought secrecy, adding, ‘The letter was received on email and being broadcast on electronic media.’

Salahud Din Mengal, counsel of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) said only the evidence of American-Pakistani Businessman Mansoor Ijaz could be recorded within three months, adding Haqqani’s counsel openly said that his client will never come back.

The Chief Justice Chaudhry said the court never sought report from the commission nor will it do so, adding the commission is authorized to proceed as it wills.

The court order given in this connection still holds as it is, he added.

The bench remarked Haqqani himself assured his homecoming in four days, adding the hearing of Haqqani’s plea for record of statement abroad, is being delayed on his own request.

The bench noted the PML-N’s counsel, when available, may submit application for hearing, adding the Haqqani’s letter received by the court has been published in national newspapers and Haqqani copied the letter to four of his counsels as well; however, the court grants his plea to keep the contents of the letter under wraps.

The court said it needs discouragement if someone directly approaches to a judge; however, the plea’s hearing will be subject to the availability of the bench.

Tariq Asad’s plea regarding Haqqani’s homecoming was not heard today.

The counsels of the PML-N and Ijaz took exception to the Haqqani’s application. The court said the application used in some of its parts, contemptuous words for the commission.

PML-N’s counsel Mengal supported one-week extension to the term of Memo Commission, as according to him, a week is enough for taking the remaining evidences.

Granting six weeks time to the Commission to proceed with memorandum probe, the court adjourned the hearing without specifying the next date of hearing.

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