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Iran Fires four Mortar Shells Into Pakistan (Border Violation)

Posted by on Thursday, December 5, 2013, 12:07
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Mortar Shells

Mortar Shells

Iranian border guards violated the Pakistani border once again firing four mortar shells at Mashkail town in Washuk district during the early hours of Wednesday. No loss of life was reported.

People took to the streets in Mashkail to protest against the Iranian aggression. Local administration confirmed the incident. The township shares a border with the Jalk district of Iranian Balochistan.

Iranian border guards had fired four mortar shells at 1:30 am which landed in Killi Saki Shah and Lab Dasht areas in Mashkail.

โ€œThe mortar shells exploded in open areas. Four huge explosions shook the whole town. People woke up after the blast and came out from their houses in panic,โ€ said Kabir Reki, a resident of Mashkail.

It was not the first incident. Iran has earlier fired mortar shells and even violated Pakistani airspace during the past month.

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