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Javed Chaudhry Scandal Who Is Famous Columnist Of Pakistan

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Posted by on Tuesday, May 18, 2010, 19:47
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Moralist and self-righteous columnist and anchorperson Javed Chaudhry enjoying the company of a woman in Europe despite being already married and father of several grown up children.

Javed Chaudhry Scandal

Javed Chaudhry Scandal

Who is Javed Chaudhry?

Javed Chaudhry belongs to Pakistan. He is include one of the leading columnists of Pakistan. Javed Chaudhry writes regular columns for the Urdu newspaper Daily Express twice or thrice a week, covering topics ranging from social issues to politics.

Javed Chaudhry joined Express News (Pakistan) in In January 2008, as an anchorperson of a Political Talk show “Kal Tak”, in which he presents analysis on current affairs of Pakistan and invites guests from various think tanks and political parties to comment. Viewership of his program is increasing day by day.

Javed Chaudhry, columnists & author of 8 books, among other works.


Javed Chaudhry Scandal

Javed Chaudhry Scandal

Javed Chaudhry Scandal

Javed Chaudhry Scandal

Javed Chaudhry Scandal

Javed Chaudhry Scandal

Javed Chaudhry Scandal

Javed Chaudhry Scandal

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43 Responses to “Javed Chaudhry Scandal Who Is Famous Columnist Of Pakistan”

  1. Anonymous
    2010.05.18 21:02

    javed u are not real ch

  2. ahmad
    2010.05.18 22:51

    yar is me scandal wali kiya bat he bhai,yeh us ki wife ya girlfriend hogi,ap ki nai he kiya,,,stop looking otthers,,first look at urself

  3. unknown
    2010.05.18 22:54

    by the way she is his wife :p

  4. unknown
    2010.05.18 22:54

    his wife yes

  5. Anonymous
    2010.05.19 03:03

    what is this non sense, i am really out of my idea what is going on here?? ❓

  6. anonymous
    2010.05.19 11:29

    ohhhhh its very bad if its true dat mr.javed having affair ,javed sab plz plz dont cheat wid ur family n specially ur kids plz

  7. Anonymous
    2010.05.19 22:14

    Media fazool bkta ha

  8. Farrukh
    2010.05.21 02:00

    Yarr herr koi ayashe ker skta hay to Javaid ch keun ni.
    Os ko bhee laga hay.
    Javaid sahab ki job hay dusrun ki pents utarnaa
    khaiirrr javed ji aaj aap ki bhe uter gae to
    no worries

  9. Anonymous
    2010.06.10 07:14

    last wali pic zalam haiiiii

    or jis main ch na hus ko kass ka pakra hoi haiiii

  10. ilyas
    2010.06.25 13:10

    ya muslim latki nahi ha to javed ch ky scandal baana ha

  11. Badar
    2010.07.31 17:06

    Mujy tujh sy ya umeed na thi zalim “CHOOD HURRY”.

  12. bilal
    2010.08.22 09:44

    uncle ap hamara ideal ta apsa ya umead nahi te,agar ya apke wife han to theak ha werna ya ghalat ha

  13. shaid
    2010.09.08 18:55

    hello javaid bahi hum ko app par ya twaqu  nahi thee kay logoko mana karty hain or app pyar bee  karty  hain 

  14. noor
    2010.09.21 22:51

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen:no problem.tum bi pakistani ho.

  15. Farhan Wattoo
    2010.11.13 18:06

    Yeah sub Propaganda hay …its fake
    Yeah sub Badnaam krnay ki sazash i Love Javaid bahi

  16. Farhan Ali
    2010.12.17 18:29

    ISME SCNDAL WALI KOSI BAAT HAI BEWAKOOFON!!! Kitni sharam ka mukaam hai hum sab k liye k hum 1 muhibe watan pakistani ko jo hamari rehmnumai kar rahi hai usko badnaam kar rahe hai..kiya hum kabhi apni family k saath picnic per nahi jatay kia…kia hum tasweerain nae banwatay..kiya jawed bhai ki koi personal life nae hai.humay istarha kissi per ungli nae uthani chahiye..JaWED Chaudhry is a great man and I am a big fan of his.He is my ideal.JAWAID BHAI in jahil logo ki parwa na karen and keep up the good work..Love you jawed bhai… 🙂

  17. sadiq
    2011.01.17 11:30

    that’s gr8 javid sb no problm ju kehta hy kehny dyn logon k kehne sy kui fark nahi parta don’t wrry…….. Insan sy galti b hoti hy but log us ku drama bana lety hyn logon ka kya………….

  18. sadiq
    2011.01.17 11:31


  19. A Shahid
    2011.03.18 12:57

    this is bullshit scandal 😈

  20. Is this first April fool no one cansay it scandal may be his wife or colligue just in public place some normal pics are nothing is objectionable
    2011.04.07 20:56

    :javaid choudhry is good columnist and anchore like him

  21. akram
    2011.04.20 15:43

    javed ap kuch b karon mgr hum apko acha hi samjhen ge

  22. akram
    2011.04.20 15:44

    yar waise larki achi hai

  23. awais_86ali
    2011.04.27 22:41

    hy stupid all silanc oky itny comment likhty ho janty kya ho ch sab k bary main lolxxxxxxxxxxx…………………………………………bat krty han

  24. Dr Ifti
    2011.05.17 00:34

    Human mind based of chemistry,if some hormones release a person can be motivated,lesser can lead to depressed personality while excessive can lead to mental status upset.Now the question is how can a eminent writer like” Javed Chaudhry”(My godfather)can have such a personality???yep,I’m shocked as well,whom should we believe now??but then came to my mind,he’s a very good personality with religious background,but shaitan is always there and when a good person like Javed Chaudhry who’s spiritual and religious figure as well,shaitan is always behind him to let him disgrace.Simple is he will say sorry to Allah,Allah is the one who gives honour or disgrace.If we love Javed Chaudhry we should not pass sarcaustic remarks instead pray to Allah that we are human beings,we can make mistakes,but Allah you are the great,please save us to make mistakes and give us respect,honour and dignity.Human brain chemistry can change any time,it can be change for 5 minutes,amy be 5 years or whole life.But only Allah help us to keep our brain chemistry right otherwise we are not so strong to fight against Shitan.I’m Javed chaudhry’s fan,instead he gets escepe he should say sorry,as he hurt millions of fans.I already forgave him and now I pray to Allah to forgive him and don’t bring him down and please my sweet Allah,we are very week people,help us to get out of shaitan’s hand.My Allah you know’s better,we are only responsilbe to ourself only.Forgive us all and our prayers with javed chaudhry.He’s a great man.Allah krm kry ga

  25. Dr Ifti
    2011.05.17 00:39

    I didn’t review the last post,so much spell mistakes.sorry for that. :oops:This proves nobody is perfect,only Allah is perfect.

  26. jaabbar
    2011.06.18 16:48

    kaash pakistanis keechar uchalna band kar dain. is it our national character to malign everybody who brings truth in the lime light. if we are muslim we must not charge people unless we have strong evidence that is what Allah almighty ordered us to do in surah al maoon.

  27. AFSA
    2011.06.20 00:06


  28. Anonymous
    2011.07.21 05:39

    kiya app ko gulat lagta hai jaweed nahi hai to jaweed ko chaiya apni wife ko media mein lay kar aya hum bhi dikhanga

    2011.07.26 21:53

    I do appreciate Javeed ch. writings,we v no right 2 interfere in anyone personal life.we don’t know politics behind this scandle.Noone is perfect so we should appreciate good qualities of any person.

  30. Mike Coy
    2011.07.30 15:43

    Javed Chaudhry is just a civilised miscreat, he poses to be rightous and care giver, whereas in reality he is an opportunist. apart from his lose character we can see from these pictures, we must also know that he came from a rural village with no money and now in a span of 15 years he is living in F-6 sector of Islamabad and has millions of assets. i liked the statement given by some friend above k Javed Sahab dosroon ki Pant utarnay k pese letay ho Express TV talk show me. ab Apni uter gai to kaisa laga >>???

    Javed Chaudhry Murda bad.

  31. naul khan
    2011.08.26 09:23

    I like the way he is enjoying is his personal life.Please think all aspect of some event before you utter some word about someone.

  32. khalid
    2011.08.27 23:32

    I think Javed Chaudhry should clarify what the situation is.

  33. rania
    2011.12.27 15:17

    may b ye ch ki wife ho tm log ch bichary ki itni wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttt kyun laga rahy ho ch ko b khush rhny ka utna he haq hai jitna k tm logo ko 2sro k bary ma kuch kahny se phely apny giryban ma dekh lena chahia shammmmmmmmm on all who apoligies him 😐 😥

  34. ranja
    2012.10.10 02:12

    oyyyy yeh tum log kis fazool behas main per gaye ho. Agar koi sharif admi kisi orat ke sat aik tasweer kinchwata hai tho is main scandal ke kia bath hai. Agar yeh koi our hota tho aap es ke taraf dehan he na daitay but yeh javed bahi jaisa shareef banda hai es liya sab pechay par gay.
    By da way I was also shocked.

  35. ehtesham (dhaka bangladesh)
    2012.11.08 00:22

    in mosalman ko aqal kab aayegi

  36. Anonymous
    2013.06.09 16:10

    its all scandalous 

  37. Anonymous
    2013.06.09 16:10

    he is thorough gentle man ,,,

  38. ASIM
    2013.10.14 01:18


    Sub ko dava hy apni parsaai ka……………mujy btaao……tum sub farishty ho…..Koi insaan be hy?

    Mind your own business,,,,, dont distrub others

  39. ALI
    2013.10.14 01:40

    wo mard nahi jis ki koi orat na ho , tum log nay iss ko kasi samja howa hay kiya ? ya bhi ak mard hay 

  40. Abdus Salam
    2013.10.14 12:07

    Guys Listen! Personally I dont like Javed Ch because of some bad experiences. But the women shown in pictures is his wife. I meet both of them in Islamabad, and i am the witness that she is his wife.   

  41. sultan ahmed
    2013.10.14 16:49

    Jawed chowdrey “Morning with farah” k program ka kh chuka ha k internet per jo women mera sat ha woh maree wief nahee ha

  42. Tanvir Ullah Khan
    2013.11.01 13:03

    kssi kee picture chori kar kar net par laga dena achi baat nahi.

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    2015.06.13 09:50

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