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Jhoolay Lal Komal Rizvi Latest Song

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Pakistani Pop singer Komal Rizvi has been seen on television for quite some time. She started her career in the ‘90s with a drama called Hawaian, and went on to release her hip hop number Chahiye; recently, her memorable stint at Coke Studio season four, singing Daane Pa Daanah with Akhtar Chanal, marked nearly two decades of her presence in the industry. Her latest project has been a Sufi album titled Jhoolay Lal, which was released by Saregama HMV in India. Accompanied by Pakistani actor Dr Huma Mir, Rizvi spoke to the press about her new release at the Karachi Press Club on Tuesday.

Komal Rizvi

Komal Rizvi

“Family support is a must for any female singer in Pakistan and if you have a supportive brother like Hassan Rizvi, nothing seems to be a daunting task,” Mir said at the press conference. She believes that Komal is an asset to the entertainment industry and apart from her own determination to make it big and blessings from God, it was her family that played a crucial role in her journey to success.

Komal spoke about the opportunity she received of signing a record deal in India, which she feels is a big achievement in itself — she didn’t expect it to happen so easily. “I went there, sang a few covers and originals and was instantly offered a contract to make an album,” she said jubilantly. “God has been very gracious.”

Spirituality has played a significant role in making her the person she is today, she said, explaining  that it affected her music deeply as well. “I can’t even begin to explain how spiritual I am,” she said, adding that the lyrics of this Sufi number, Jhoolay Laal give off the same vibes.  “I have written the song myself and sung it with all my heart and soul. I am sure the listeners will like it as well.”

But despite repeated attempts to play the video of her new song, it couldn’t be done due to technical difficulties. This resulted in Komal performing the number live, where she impressed all those gathered. On a positive note, Komal has brought forward an album in times where the music industry is taking a downturn.

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