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Kashmiris to Observe Black Day Today

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Kashmiris across the Line of Control and elsewhere in the world are observing October 27 today as the Black Day against Indian occupation of a part of Jammu and Kashmir State.

Kashmiris to Observe Black Day Today
Kashmiris to Observe Black Day Today

It was on this day 63 years ago in 1947 that India fraudulently airdropped her occupation troops in Srinagar to thwart the Kashmir liberation struggle which had, however, partially succeeded in ousting hundred years old Dogra autocracy.

In both parts of the State, AJK and IHK, Kashmiris will hold protest rallies and public meetings to demonstrate their rejection of the Indian presence in held Kashmir.

Kashmiris settled across the Europe, North America and in the Middle East will also observe October 27 as the Black Day handing over protest memos to the UN, OIC, European Union at their respective headquarters.

In multiple Kashmir related resolutions, the UN Security Council, the European Parliament and the OIC have already rejected the military occupation of part of Jammu and Kashmir region by India. Even India herself by signing the UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir rejects its own occupation of Kashmir.

For past over sixty-three years, Kashmiris are resisting the Indian presence in the State. The Indian dishonor of the UN resolutions, despite her signatures, provides the inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir ready fuel to fan their movement. Indian intransigence keeps the entire region of South Asia volatile and conflict-prone.

In October 27 observance comments, the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan says that the illegal Indiaโ€™s presence in part of J&K State despite rejection of her occupation by the UNO, the OIC and the European Parliament lends enough moral and political justification for Kashmiris to continue their struggle against India.

โ€œThe onus of keeping this dispute alive for 63 years now in South Asia lies on the intransigent shoulders of New Delhi. The seeds of struggle will never dry up. The more India suppresses the movement the more strength it regains. The more India rains lies, concealing UN mandate in Kashmir, the more light of logic gathers on this disputeโ€, he adds.

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