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Katrina will marry Salman in 2 years

Posted by on Saturday, May 8, 2010, 15:21
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India’s top actress Katrina Kaif at last opened her heart and decided to pick up her life partner. In an interview with a channel, she said, ‘Yes, I am very friendly to the Khan family. I think I may have just dreamt that I will be getting married to Salman in two years and hence said that. But well, on a serious note, marriage will happen, but when, that is yet not decided.’

Katrina and Salman

Katrina and Salman

When asked about the stardom she enjoys at present, she said, ‘I am very proud and happy at being successful. I started working at an early age.’

“I owe my success to many people. Salman (Khan) has been my friend for a long time. He always told me ‘You will surely reach the top of Bollywood horizon’. Many of us who do not hail from a ‘filmi’ background are bestowed upon a chance by our friends. Not only Salman, but even Akshay (Kumar) took a great risk while he was riding high on success and still cast me in his film. Given a chance I would love to perform the character from the film ‘Sita aur Gita’.”

On following a particular religion, she said, “My mother is a Christian and my father is a Kashmiri. I have been very close to Salim uncle’s (Salman’s dad) family. They celebrate all the festivals, I do the same. I am not a religious fanatic but yes, I believe in an omnipresent power.”

Both Salman and Katrina did not play any romantic role in any film; however, they were held the most beautiful couple in a recent poll.

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  1. prince adnan
    2010.05.12 11:29

    😆 😈 😳

  2. Anonymous
    2011.01.23 12:01

    verry happy fo them :mrgreen:

  3. Ss
    2011.01.23 12:02

    Thanks Katrina………. VERRY VERRY happy for u guyz………………. :mrgreen:

  4. 2011.01.28 12:08

    i am very happy.u marriage in 2 year and i like it. from jammu

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