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Last Interview of Moin Akhtar

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In an interview, veteran actor Moin Akhtar talks about his journey from theatre to films… Legends never die, and very likewise, “I want to stay alive in the hearts and minds of the people, even after I am gone”, says an ever yearning and ambitious Moin Akhtar.

Moin Akhtar
Moin Akhtar

Moin Akhtar coming from a simple, educated family; one can certainly cut the educated part out for him, which he readily regrets as lacking. Half his family pursued careers in teaching and most of Moin’s young life spent in frustration and struggle as his family pushed him to obtain education to undertake the burgeoning responsibilities of his next in kin.

Thus, he put aside his dreams which he again wished would become true one day, “it’s not in the hands of the human being to realize his dreams without any bases, and therefore I turned to education.”
In the end, that’s what paid to him, in 1967 while acting ‘Shylock’ for the school play of ‘Merchant of Venice’, he achieved the first prize and hence that was the beginning. “It all came accidentally to me, I had never dreamt of acting”. His first entertaining performance was at a Dow Medical College function. Whether it was good on his pocket wasn’t the question then, because that’s where he gained his confidence.

What has he not done is the question? He has been the backbone of the entertainment media in Pakistan to say the least. This man is an innovative genius, a lovable character from all aspects of life. Moin himself is a very composed personality, very distinct from others in his lot: spends most of his time in serenity, reading, philosophizing, and in spiritual enhancement.

His popularity ranges from a five year old to an octogenarian, not much needs to be written as a lot is already known. In early days, it was staunchly believed and I still believe that an artiste should not be praised to the extent that he becomes victim to over-confidence or pride. All due respect and honor should be beset upon him after his death. I would still go on to say that if Moin were material, I would call him ‘priceless’.

Soon he started doing stage dramas, and the transition to television didn’t take very long. An actress Santosh Rasal introduced Moin Akhtar to the people whom he would soon become very familiar with or in other words the people working for the tube. Moin recorded his first television programme called ‘Chor’ under the production of Ameer Imam.

The bells tolled for him in 1972, his wife happened to be his maternal cousin who also bore him three daughters and two sons.

It was the other way round for him, most pioneers of television came down from the radio, for him it was the descent, radio did not recognize his efforts as soon as television did. Moin Akhtar was a household name before he even knew it, gained a vast experience of working on radio, television, stage, and theatre.

Life not slowly but drastically changed to be soft on him. Moin gets very cross when I asked him whether he was a self-made man, “no one is a self-made person. Allah makes and breaks everyone”, a very stern Moin replied.

With every project he rose to newer heights, accomplished excellence in every field of entertainment, he also was one of the pioneers of theatre, worked with personalities like Zia Mohiuddin who introduced the true concept of theatre in Pakistan. Moin tries to avoid any questions on theatre because for a pioneer, the present state of affairs of the theatre is a crying shame.

Television churned out the real Moin Akhtar when it opted him for talk shows. When asked for the reason Moin replied, “no artiste individually can make a production a success. It’s always a team effort. But, in my talk shows, it’s a one man show, and I control it, no hassle, no intervention”.

Soon Moin was seen at numerous occasions as a compare. Due to his great comic sense, he proved to be a blast. And now, he is a renowned entertainer the world over, recognized by personalities like Dilip Kumar, Mithun, Govinda.

Perfection is not a very rational term to be used for humans, which certainly means that Moin Akhtar has even faltered, yes and in the field of movies. He appeared as a hero in ‘Mr K2’. the movie miserably failed not because Moin looked world apart from the original ‘T2’ but as he puts it, he succumbed to his obligations and courtesy to friends.

As a senior artiste, Moin speaks out against the stubbornness and lethargic attitude of the younger generation, reluctance against the will to learn from their seniors, to understand the concept, to culture their minds. Moin very proudly says that he credits Anwar Maqsood, Naeem Bukhari, Zia Mohiuddin for the dignity he has attained to date.

According to him, acting is a God gifted talent, not many would have survived without it, and this he backs up with expressing his favorite actor in Nana Patekar.

“They pay us in peanuts”, was the reply to an inquiry about remunerations, followed by an expression of disgust. A devoted servant of PTV speaking in such disgust is a sign of disgrace for the concerned authorities; earnings go up in millions whereas the salary structure stands very poorly this is not the complain of one but many artistes.

Moin possess magic, a trace that he spells over the audience while acting, we certainly were very anxious to know more about it. According to him, he first studies the character, the atmosphere, environment surrounding the particular character, visualizes the scenario, all this and more helps him in the true enactment of that character.

This man has changed the meaning of the word ‘ambitious’. He is a born entertainer. In the field of entertainment, only one aspect was left out and that was the tuning of the vocal chords.

He is at it again, already recorded 80 songs, quality of which has been validated by the great maestro Mehdi Hasan Sahib.

Moin Akthar is certainly a very changed person now from what he had initially emerged as, a lot more spiritually enhanced, well composed, and now has more substance of content.

The turning point in his life came amidst his beaming career as an entertainer.

“I was lost in the obscurity of popularity when Allah showed me the right way,” this was the sign through which he feels that the Almighty accepted his performance of Hajj. The last thing he would yearn for is a mark of prostration on his forehead.

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4 Responses to “Last Interview of Moin Akhtar”

  1. hayat
    2011.04.24 02:24

    When i watch and heard on TV that Moin Akhtar was died i becom very said and not feel good. because he was a nice,good,Intelligent person,and father of the entertainment ,shows and drama,stage,like Moin Akhtar are coming in this world very few people in the centuray.Other side if you see he is scholar,and loving person with country and with the people of pakistan and also very peaceful,polite,Religiou person.I am praying for him and really i am missing Moin Akhtar from the hole of heart to ALLAH give a place in JANNATHULLPERDOS. AMEEN SUMA AMEEN

  2. Anonymous
    2011.04.24 12:22

    moin akhtar mujh buht pasand thay. mujh buht rona aa raha ha,ruby khalid 😥

  3. Shaheen
    2011.04.25 14:11

    Moin Akhter, may Allah rest your soul in peace as you put peace in the heart of millions. Ameen summa ameen. JazakAllah kher. 

    2014.10.24 14:14

    I adore Moin Akhtar he was a complete man. May Almighty Allah rest him in eternal peace. Aamin.
    Saeed Afzal Khan BWN PK

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