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Lollywood stars at Bridal Couture Week 2010

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An aura of fantasy and romance surrounds weddings. Boy meets girl, the families embrace and the whole music and dance festival ensues. Much of this routine is drawn from the silver screens and its allure transcends from the ‘reel’ to the ‘real’ life. This is the drama and ‘magic’ that weddings generate and the vital ingredient that every bridal show seeks to emulate.

Lollywood stars at Bridal Couture Week 2010
Lollywood stars at Bridal Couture Week 2010

Whether it is the HDIL India Couture Week or the recently-concluded Bridal Couture Week in Pakistan, maximum impact and mileage at the event comes from star power. While Indian designers such as Manish Malhotra rely on Bollywood actors as ‘showstoppers’, Bridal Couture Week (BCW) was an example of the star power and charisma that Lollywood celebrities bring to the ramp.

On the second day of the event, Resham, who has over the years slipped under the society and media radars, walked on stage for Lajwanti’s finale piece. In a pink sequinned concoction, she looked absolutely mesmerising.

But Reema’s dramatic over-throw of the dupatta for HSY’s theatrical bridal show with a very apt “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” as the background score, clearly overshadowed Resham’s single file walk. Her ivory skin and captivating smile, not to mention her whole bridal garb, brought the sub continental bride dream into vision.

This was a near magical moment that even a more structured Nilofer Shahid’s finale show, with Moammar Rana, couldn’t replicate. It is moments like these that make shows and designer creations memorable and make them go down in fashion history.

Since fashion weeks have become a regular fixture, several Lollywood stars have taken to the ramp.

At PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in November 2010, Moammar Rana and his wife walked the runway for Hajra Hayat while Shaan modelled for Umar Sayeed at the TRC Carnival de Couture earlier this year.

Lollywood stars at Bridal Couture Week 2010
Lollywood stars at Bridal Couture Week 2010

Considering that the BCW is organised in collaboration with the Eye Television network, and intends to turn the event into a public exhibition, participation by television stars as showstoppers such as Juggun Kazim, Ayesha Khan, Sarwat Gillani and Humaima Malik that garner mass celebrity status would be a great move in the future to get attention from people.

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