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Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri

Posted by on Friday, January 7, 2011, 16:20
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Qadri: an enigma?

Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri
Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri

Taseer was Gustakhe Rasool thus I punished him”, said the man after being questioned for the murder of Punjab’s Governor Salman Taseer on the 4th of January 2010. The man was later identified as Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri ; an enigma, an extremist, terrorist or the defender of the Blasphemy act.

Malik Mumtaz Qadri executed a well-executed plan. He was  a part of the Elite Police force who were supposed to protect  Salman Tasser. The irony doesn’t end here because never in the entire Pakistani history has a politician’s assassinator and that too of the current government been considered a hero by many. Countless Islamic extremists patted on his back while he walked to the court. On facebook; seemingly educated people supported this act as well

Is he really a sinner or a saint?

Ullemas who had been after Salman Taseer for such a really long time certainly consider him as a saint who came and shot the devil of sorts away.

But one wonders whether Taseeer’s stance against Blasphemy Law in Pakistan made him a Gustakh-e-Rasool or just someone who debated about inhumane practice caused by the law. This act by Taseer resulted in the incorrect interpretation of his standing and created an uproar and in the end got him killed.

Taseer’s lifestyle, his political standing, his exceeding confidence about his own standing against the Blasphemy law are being taken account by Mumtaz Qadri’s supporters.

Did he have other accomplices?

Six policemen on the same force are being questioned for they seemed to have been informed about
the act beforehand by the perpetrator himself.

What happens now?

Taseer is a Blasphemer in the eyes of Mumtaz Hussain Qadri and his supporters. First, perhaps it should be established if Taseer was actually what the religious fanatics claim him to be off. Unfortunately already biased opinion regarding Salman Taseer exists in the masses already. Mumtaz Qadri is doomed to be convicted but will he be considered a hero or a disgrace? So far from the looks of it, Qadri has emerged as a defender of Prophet’s law. The government’s and court’s decision might suggest otherwise. Is he a fanatic, a Prophet SAW lover or a crazy man? This needs to be investigated as well.

Killing in the name of religion has become a scheme in this part of the world already. What needs to be answered is: How is this act any different from any other extremist act or target killing?

Posted by : Sana Khalid

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15 Responses to “Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri”

  1. aamir aslam khan
    2011.01.07 17:34

    hi sanaa..
    nice blog..

  2. Anonymous
    2011.01.08 11:58

    He is great man in our age .

  3. a true muslim
    2011.01.08 13:30

    well it was a christian lady aasia who insulted our Prophet n according to ISLAMIC LAW which has also been imposed in Pakistan any GUSTAKH would be killed for his act to humiliate the dignity of our beloved from the court she was announced to be punished in the same way. but mr. salman taseer went to her and made a press conference in media mentioning clearly that this law can not be implemented in Pakistan naming it a KALA QANOON n all stuff like that against the rule n law which ISLAM has set for us!!!this was a big-time hurt for our ulema e karam n public and right from that time they kept on protesting against him that he should back out from his insulting words against the islamic law of naamoos e RISALAT…but their pain n protest was simply ignored by govt. n qanon, while mr.taseer carrried on with his such irresponsible behavior on the media ..these circumstances where islamic law has been degraded and words like kala kanoon or unable to be implemented in pakistan etc made people go mad helplessly n finally one of them decided to give his life for RasolALLAH ‘s dignity…so that no one can ever dare to speak a single word against his law in future!!!

    mr. salman n his family’s record can be checked out well on youtube, i really dont need to expose him directly!it seems he had nothing to do with any ISLAMIC way of life at all…aah…sigh!!

    so is the reason why everyone in PAKISTAN i mean majority is supporting the young qadri man who dared enough to stop these gustaakhan e RASOL who call islamic law a black law…its not the matter of terrorism nor any planned murder…you know the ulema who stood up for naamos e Risalat were those who strongly condemned terrorism in the name of ISLAM and all these talibaanization defaming our peaceful religion ISLAM in the whole world…these ulema are not extremists but playing their role which is their duty…ISLAM clearly says any one who insults RasolALLAH or any law given or implemented by him should be killed…even sahaba karam lives have proofs for this…thatzy after mr.salman’s murder more than 500 ulema who were protesting since alll that started supported him along with the majority of Pakistanis n the people who r aware of ISLAM basics!

    still we condemn terrorism, killing innocent people by suicide bombing is completely najayez…but killing a gustakh e Rasol is according to ISLAM…else if he is not punished or woman like asia etc then every other person can easily dare to insult our Prophet!!

    in the end, i wont say anything whther qadri brother is justified or not, but people who say he should not have taken the kanoon into his hands..its the duty of court..he should have did it through court…but i would simply ask do u really expect any justice from the court in time??people r hlpless they have lost their faith in court no trust at all…mr.salman having full support of govt…how could he be presented in the court…naahh…be realistic…everyone knows there wouldnt be any response…as how the ulema protest was worthless for them…

    i would leave qadri’s matter upto ALLAH…but mr.salman doesnt deserve to be called a shaheed…specially because of his way of life…as known to all…even exposed on media….unislamic values…n then such hurtful statements against islamic law or namos e risalat…how sensitive issue…RsolALLAH is everything to us…his irresposible remarks brought tears into many eyes…all wot happened isnt terrorism…its ISLAMIC LAW…better if implemnted through court…but peopl dont trust court any more!

  4. haque
    2011.01.08 13:30


    Well i’m from Islamabad recently completed my MSc.Hons. I never got to contact any tv channel before, but forced to write in now n hope u will take it postive!

    public is shocked over the behavior of media (tv) the way they giving hype to the governor issue as a terrorism or lack of tolerance!come on plz dont hide the actual ISLAMIC LAW MATTER under a terrorism/extremism issue.u should know all ulemas who protested r those who always opposed talibanizatn n xtremism, but this one is the matter of tohin e risalat for God sake dont match it with terrorism.

    If islam has set a rule for blasphemy then makin amendment would surely b unbearable, specially when leaders dare enough to use rough hurtful language like such kanon cant b implemented in Pakistan kala kanon etc.

    u talk abt lack of tolerance in qadri’s act y he took kanon into his hand he should have go to court n all…my qs. is y the hell did mr.salman took kanon into his hands when asia was punished then who was he to come n make such kinda weird statements irresponsibly which brought tears into many eyes??wot about thousands of other innocent people who r unfairly trapped in jail issues, did he ever raised voice for them if hez that caring for human rights?y only this blasphemy issue?

    i would request dont hide the facts..let them disclose on ur channels if u r true ISLAM believers..qadri has got a major support from Pakistanis including ulemas, tajir, wukala n whole nation..c the records of face book youtube n other net forums..calling it terrorism is unfair…if v r helpless to expect justice from court against powerful salman tasir having full govt support, then any one of us would stand up to devote himself for ISLAMIC LAW n Prophet’s dignity..c on the face of qadri hez not any trained rigid horrible moron like talibans who r brainwashed…his naat videos after arrestment on could one even imagine him as a part of any gang… this qadri brother has a peaceful loving expression of eshq for Rsol who set the law tohin e risalat ki sza sar tan se juda!u cant change it by excuses, accept it calling it kala kanon is gustakhi specially when he didn’t bother to humbly clarify or even response the ulema protest and completely disrespected them without realizing the status of ulema e kram in he deserved punishment!

    hope u’ll present facts infront of all instead of exploiting the issue in name of terrorism..the qadri man seems innocent in love of Rasol..many of us wanted to do same if v wud have got an opportunity…bt he actually did it!dont defame him like this..try to realize the respect of islamic laws..u should support ISLAMIC LAW unconditionally!our authorities shud have guts to resist any misuse of this law!


  5. Zafar
    2011.01.09 04:30

    Dear Muslims brothers and sisters,
    Please be watchful whenever you comment on Taseer’s death. You should know Taseer’s background and his inclination towards Islam. He himself admits that he first saw Quran when he was in Jail, this has been cited in a very famous book, Stranger to History by Taseer’s Son, Aatish Taseer.  Salman Taseer married to a Sing (Sikh) journalist lady and fathered to Aatish Taseer who was brought up by his Sikh mother and grandparents in Dehli and London. Salman Taseer was out spoken about the Divine Laws, and he appeared to be more moderate than needed. Therefore, his death should not be regretted. For all of us Muhammad (SAW) must be beloved more that anything else if we are true Muslims and I believe Taseer is not important for us.  We can be sinful but we can not tolerate any remarks about the Prophet (SAW).
    Z Iqbal
    MBA (Pak)
    MSc (IBM) UK
    MSc OH&S UK
    CeFRM UK

  6. Afzaal Awan
    2011.01.10 19:20

    AssalamOAlalikum ,,All Muslims…….. Malik Mumtaz Qadri Is real Hero of Islam ,,Allah es pr apan karm kry,,Ameen.

  7. BELA
    2011.01.11 11:25


  8. Anonymous
    2011.01.13 21:47

    how can a murderer be a hero of Islam??? I think there are better heroes than murderers in the world. No need for killing, right?

  9. Anonymous
    2011.01.17 17:17

    he is the original muslim and he had done great, great job. allah bless malik mumtaz qadari (ameen)

  10. Jeff H
    2011.01.18 12:35

    Your fanaticism will never last.

    1) You’re outnumbered and you always will be

    2) Eventually your murderous ways will outrage even the most staunch supporters, you will go TOO FAR.

    3) You will begin killing each other, narrowing exponentially the definition of what is a “true” Muslim until it is impossible to define and follow, and even your own leadership will begin to question who is the real arbiter of faith

    4) You will violate the very teachings which you claim to enforce and will be exposed as ignorant of the words of Allah and you will be found wanting.

    5) Your financial support will dry up.

    6) No one will feel safe around you, and even your wives and children will swear they do not know you.

    7) The rest of the world will not tolerate the despicable nature of your crimes no matter how you justify them, and you will be CUT OFF.

    8 ) Ten thousand years of recorded history proves that the extremist and the fanatic are judged in the end by history and history alone. We’re grownups, we have read the history, and it is not kind to the fanatical murderers who believe that faith is inspired by an assassin’s swords, bullets or bombs. A faith which cannot stand on its own two strong legs in the face of the secular world is a faith built not on wisdom and strength but on COWARDICE. (NOTE: See again #1)

    9) Your enemies have only continued to grow in number and to hate you, whether in secret or in the open, and their anger is now evident in the streets of Tunis. The chants can be heard round the world…Mubarak, you’re next, Ahmadinejad, you’re next.
    Shall Pakistan grant independence to the FATA and allow the rest of the world to deal with the fanatical tribes as they wish? Don’t be too sure they won’t because eventually even the drones of those you call the crusaders and traitors will be preferable to being gunned down by the likes of you.

    10) You do not have the bravery, intelligence, or the courage to live according to your 7th century convictions or else you would not avail yourself of this forum or of the inventions of anything the infidel has made. You might pretend that you are only using the tools available but the truth is that these tools can be denied you in one minute, and you will be without voice.
    We do not believe your brash claims. Remember, we LIVE in that modern world, you only suckle at the outskirts of it and you live in FEAR of it.
    You have become fat, lazy and spoiled by the comforts of the modern world which you claim to despise, and you could not live as your prophet did, you would not survive five minutes.
    Don’t force the rest of the world to prove they are right about this…because at some point the price will be so high they will have no choice, and in those waning minutes you will look up at the sky and see your fate approaching you.

  11. World Citizen
    2011.02.05 07:52

    Response from Jeff above is the only worthy remark on this site.

    Rest all are full of crap. I respect all religions and we all should. But commending a killer… bah!
    Get a live u morons.. at least those of you literate enough to get to a web site.. is voicing against a 1000 year old practice – which is worthless today – a greater crime than cold blooded murder??
    how the hell is the Qadri maniac a hero…. from what angle…
    is human life more than a book?? who authorized him?
    self-styled protector of the religion? Is that your best argument??? Come on ~ you can do better than that I hope!!
    Most of you guys are weak fanatics and if you are offered a US green card – you will bail out of your fortresses of faith and file papers for your citizenship and then apply for you brother and sisters to move to US.

    Tell me if I am wrong about it. …pinch urself once before u response to me.

    may peace prevail.

  12. zuhaib siddiqui
    2011.02.27 17:24

    salam to mumtaz qadri.

  13. Memoona
    2011.03.04 16:36

    Asalam-o-alikum, Ghazi mumtaz hussain qadiri is to day’s illm-o-din shahid. salam to him. aur har muslman ko Allah ye tofeeq day ke who dehriyon ko saza dain jo islam ke sath mazaq kartay hain. aur kash ye tofeeq mujko bi milti. Aur Allah tofeek day kisi aur ko ke woh sulman rushadi ko bi qatal karay jis nay nabi ki shan main gustakhi ki AAAAAAmin

  14. mubashir
    2011.04.13 01:45

    Malik Mamtaz Qadri is our hero and we support u mamtaz bhai u r best in the world.

  15. Witnesstohumanity
    2012.12.08 06:24

    To jeff and world citizen : 
    This is an issue no non-Muslim can understand . Because its core inspiration is the love/respect that Muslims have for the holy prophet (saw) . You may call it fanaticism / extremism , whatever you want but it’s justice in a plane of moral conscious that you can never reach without faith . The same moral conscious that will eventually bring freedom to mankind from all tyranny and oppression and on the way if some tyrants are killed its justice from god upon them and relief for the masses and reward and honour for the brave who put their necks on the line . 

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