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MedCoffee: A Modern Day Resource for Modern Day Healthcare Specialists

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The medical field is not one I am especially well-versed in, truth be told, but recently when a friend of mine told me she was busy endlessly cramming her brain with medical books and buckling under immense stress for her upcoming medical exams, I was concerned, to say the least. When asked, she explained how difficult it is to prepare for these exams from books due to typos, the inflexibility of books which forces rote learning, and having to buy new books if the exam format had been changed recently. ‘Online websites and mobile apps aren’t that much better’, she said, ‘you can’t really be sure how reliable their material is and are often more expensive than actual books so you can’t fully know what you’re paying for until you put your hand in the fire yourself and see.’

As any good, internet-savvy friend would do, I set out to do research of my own and discovered MedCoffee. Both a website and a mobile app, MedCoffee boasted a bevy of certified medical professionals among its contributors and raving good reviews from aspiring medical professionals on its Facebook page as well. Said to be Pakistan’s first online medical education source for health professionals across globe, MedCoffee provides MCQs for every type of post graduate medical exam in both free and subscription based versions. Being the result of collaboration between the doctors and IT experts, it further stood out from the horde as such a thing is not very common in medical field. What really drew my attention was that each MCQ came with a brief explanation of its answer compiled by qualified professionals with local and foreign credentials and checked in two phases following its creation; if you still felt doubtful, you could even inbox them and get in-depth explanations from their expert panel. The MCQs are taken from FCPS-1, MD/MS/MDS and PMDC 1&2 past papers. Being a digital resource further provides the advantage of it being easily updatable unlike books with which you would have to buy revised versions to have the latest material.

Intrigued and still not fully satisfied, I got in contact with the head of the site, Dr. Syed Ali Raza. Born in Faisalabad on 1986, he did his MBBS from Punjab Medical College Faisalabad in 2011. He completed MRCP(UK) from London in 2016 followed by FCPS Oncology in 2018 and is currently working as a Cancer Specialist at Jinnah Hospital, Lahore. Here are some of the questions I asked him and his responses.

Q: What difference is there between the free and paid versions of this site?

“The free version contains only 400 MCQs for trial purpose. The paid version contains 10000+ MCQs divided into subjects, chapters, Mocks and past papers”

Q: How well does this site cover prep material for medical exams and are there any branches where you feel it is lacking?

“It covers all the post graduate exams and lacks the dental section currently.”

Q: Would you recommend relying solely upon this site for preparation?

“Yes the material fulfills the necessary concepts required to clear the medical exams and post graduate aspirants can rely solely on it”

I immediately shared this with my friend and have as yet only heard good things and sighs of relief from her. Providing an efficient and reliable source, MedCoffee aims to not only test you, but to also teach you.

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