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NATO Supplies Reopen DCC to Discuss Today

Posted by on Tuesday, May 15, 2012, 10:31
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Pakistan’s Defence Committee of the Cabinet (DCC) will today give final brainstorming to the decision regarding restoration of the NATO supply routes through the country, reports Tuesday.Defence Committee of the Cabinet

According to sources, the Foreign Office officials will brief the DCC meeting over the working papers compiled in the light of consultations during previous discussions and the Parliamentary recommendations.

The committee will be given an insight into the recent diplomatic pressure ramped up by the US over restoration of the supply routes and the potential harm the country may incur economically and diplomatically in case the routes will be kept closed indefinitely.

The sources said todayโ€™s DCC meeting will seek to tread the middle path keeping in view the US stance and that of Pakistanโ€™s Parliament.

Also, a decision will be made to elicit assurance from the US not to repeat Salala-like incidents in future. The proposal will also be debated to demand the US to pay the price for the protection of the supply routes.

The sources said the NATO supplies may not necessarily be announced to be restored today; instead, the US reaction might also be sought over the committeeโ€™s decisions.

Various high-ups including ministers from defence, interior, foreign and finance ministries, intelligence officials, leadership of the armed forces and countryโ€™s ambassador to the US Sherry Rehman will attend the meeting.

It is pertinent to note here that Islamabad shut its border with Afghanistan for NATO supplies after US air strikes on Pak Army checkposts killed 24 Pak soldiers in November, triggering a new crisis in bilateral relations on top of the outcry from the US raid that killed Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden the previous May.

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