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Naveed Says Engagement with Meera Intact

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Capt Naveed actress Meera’s fiancé, said on Friday he had arrived in Pakistan to end baseless propaganda against Meera and to confirm that their engagement was intact.

Capt Naveed actress Meera

Addressing a crowded press conference at his residence in Township, he said he was absolutely unfazed by baseless propaganda against Meera and the decision of their marriage’s time and date would be made by the two families.

He said that the man who had appeared on the media and issued statements after claiming to be his father was an imposter since he had no relation with him. He added the allegation against Meera by his fake father about snatching US$400,000 through fraud was absolutely wrong.

To another query about Attiq’s case against Meera, he said it did not make any difference to him and hoped she would be cleared by the court. Naveed said his family was very happy on Meera’s receiving the Pride of Performance award.

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