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Nowshera Blast 5 Killed 24 Injured

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A blast hit the site where Awami National Party (ANP) was holding a public rally. Five people were killed while 24 others, including four policemen were injured.

Nowshera BlastThe bomb went off soon after chief minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Amir Haider Hoti, and other ministers in his provincial cabinet had left the meeting in the town of Nowshera.

According to police, a remote-controlled bomb fixed in a motorcycle hit the ANP rally venue after the public address concluded.

Approximately three kg of explosives were used in the blast, police said. The site of the blast was cordoned off after the blast.

Speaking to Geonews, ANP leader Zahid Khan said the target of the attack was ANP leadership and workers.

Provincial Information Minister Mian Iftikhar said that the leadership of the ANP was informed about the blast when their helicopter had left the site.

Ifthikhar said initial reports indicate that the device was detonated by remote control.

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