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Officials: In NWA Kill 8 By US Drone Attacks

Posted by on Tuesday, May 11, 2010, 13:46
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MIRANSHAH: US drones fired a barrage of 18 missiles into a compound in country’s restive northwestern tribal belt early Tuesday, killing at least eight militants and injuring another five, security officials said.

The strike hit the Lawara Mandi area, located close to the border with Afghanistan in North Waziristan Agecny, which has become a bastion of Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked militants.

US Drone Attacks In Pakistan

US Drone Attacks In Pakistan

“Five US drones fired 18 missiles, killing eight militants. They targeted a compound and vehicles parked outside the house,” one senior Pakistani security official told media on condition of anonymity.

“We fear the death toll may rise,” the official added. Local security officials also confirmed the details of the strike.

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