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Pakistan Launches First Varsity Level Satellite

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In a landmark development in the field of space technology, the Institute of Space Technology (IST) launched the country’s first Cubesat satellite, iCUBE-1, making Pakistan the first country in South Asia to get the honor.

Institute of Space Technology

Institute of Space Technology

The launching ceremony was organized at IST Islamabad on Thursday. It should be mentioned here that the satellite was launched from Russia’s Dnepr launcher in Yasny, as there is no satellite launching technology available in the country.

Director Project CubeSat-1 Dr. Qamarul Islam noted the launching of the satellite iCUBE-1 marks the beginning of new era in the scientific research and training, as it will greatly help students in their pursuit of research.

Project Manager Dr. Khurram observed the IST engineers worked consistently for four years to make iCUBE-1 a reality.

The experts said the satellite launch will help provide a spur to the research in various fields of imaging, microgravity, biology, nano technology, space dynamics, chemistry and space physics, and other institutes also will be able take its benefits.

The experts also noted that the work on Cubesat-2 has been initiated to expedite research in agricultural and scientific domains.

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