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Pakistan Loses Kabaddi World Cup to India After Disputed Defeat

Posted by on Sunday, December 21, 2014, 12:23
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Defending champion India walked away with the men’s Kabaddi World Cup 2014 title after defeating Pakistan by 45-42 in what green-shorts claimed was a match rife with biased decisions by Indian referees/judges here on Saturday, news reported.

Pakistan Loses Kabaddi World Cup

Pakistan Loses Kabaddi World Cup

Indian had set up the title clash with Pakistan after a defeating England in the semifinals of the fifth World Kabaddi Cup played at the Shaheed Bachan Singh Yadgari Stadium.

Protesting over the controversial refereeing, Pakistani Kabbaddi team skipper, Shafiq Chishti sounded out that his team would not take part in the next world cup of the sport.

“We condemn the impartiality of Indian sports authorities, who did not even let us drink water during the game, while our opponents on top of enjoying other luxuries, were even allowed to rub greasy balms all over their bodies to make it harder for us to grapple them ,” a disgruntled Chishti said.

He also claimed that the match-ending whistle was blown a little too earlier shaving at least 3-5 minutes off the actual duration.

“They (Indians) did it because we were winning the match. This is out and out outrageous,” said he.

Apart from the aforementioned violations of rules & regulations of the game, Indian spectators also distracted the Pakistani players time and again during the final bout, the national Kabaddi captain added.

When love turns to pain big boys never cry, but when a game does that too owing to foul play they certainly do evident from Pakistani team’s bursting into tears after India was declared winner.

India vs Pakistan Kabaddi World Cup Final 2014

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