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Pakistani Actress Veena Malik Biography With Latest Pictures

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Veena Malik real name Zahida Malik – is a popular Film and Television artist, famous for her mimicry and improvised comedy. Apart from that, Veena is a model.

Veena Malik

Veena Malik

Born on 26 February 1980 in Lahore, Veena’s father is a doctor working at an army medical hospital. After her birth, the family moved to Rawalpindi, where they settled permanently.

Coming from a conservative family, Veena had to face plentiful hardship in order to set in the fashion industry. But, her grandmother’s expressiveness helped her to convince her father to finally agree to her working in showbiz.

After the approval, Veena journeyed her way to Lahore, the glamour world. She was ambitious and devoted and thus, made her dreams a reality, after meeting the likes of Mukhtar and Jarar Rizvi, the-fresh-faces promoters in 1999, who gave her a role in the epic Pakistani film Tere Pyar Mein. By the end of the year, she was getting a lot of offers and projects. In due course, Veena Malik faced a major controversy when she was alleged to have had a nude photoshoot, which rapidly spread like fire over the internet. It’s was not true, though the model in those nude pics resembled Veena in many ways, which perhaps became the reason for her defame. Veena frequently denied the excruciating news in front of camera. In an interview to a local magazine Veena mentioned that the photo-shoot is infact a part of the anti-Veena campaign by her over-growing opponents in the industry and she hardly is bothered about it.

Veena has also worked as a ambassador of  the World Health Organisation for a period of two years and also sponsors a child at the SOS Children’s Village – an NGO based in Pakistan working diligently for the orphans.

Later in the year 2002, she was called by Prime TV to host a show called Prime Gupshup, which infact paved way for her humorous skills and she improvised on the hour-long show,  mimicking other actors. The show soon became a huge success and laid Veena to receive many offers from several other channels as well. Nowadsy, she is hosting Geo TV comic show Hum Sub Umeed Say Hain where she has entered the liked of so many people.

In 2007, Veena was awarded for being the ‘most stylish celebrity on the red carpet.  With the on gong publicity surrounding her achievements at the LSA, Veena was offered roles in various films. Refraining from away for quite a considerable period, quite recently, she was starred in Mohabbatan Sachiyan, which turned out be the best the best Punjabi film in a long time. This movie in which Veena stars as the leading actress, broke the chain of perpetual roles as a supporting actress and cleared her path to be enlisted among well-known A-list actress in the film industry.

In 2008, there were rumors of Veena suffering a heart-attack which was mere exaggeration. Instead she was diagnosed with a slightly serious form of tachycardia. While giving an interview to Kiran and George on their show Kiran Aur George, she expressed her havoc during the time of her illness. Infact she even prepared a will as a result of this episode and handed it over to her sister.

In October 2010, Veena appeared in the Indian television reality show Bigg Boss Season 4. She was evicted two weeks before the finals, and was one of the final six contestants out of the original fourteen who had participated.Veena was also part of the finale of the show.After her Bigg Boss stay, she was mentioned in the media as the voice of liberal muslims, including leading dailies, Pakistani Print Media Tehelka, which comparing her with liberal rector of Darul Uloom Deoband, Ghulam Mohammad Vastanvi said, “these two newly public figures might teach Muslims to stop feeling eternally outraged.”

In February 2011, Veena Malik became part of the Cricket World Cup reality show in Delhi, India, called “Big Toss.” Big Toss was a reality game show with contestants and Veena as the captain of one team, against Rakhi Sawant and her team.

In March 2011, Malik engaged in a passionate debate with a mufti, who claimed she had engaged in immoral behaviour as a contestant on Bigg Boss, even though he admitted to not having watched the show. Malik countered that the mufti had violated Islamic law by looking at her, as a woman, more than once, that Islamic clerics commit sins as well as celebrities and that she was a good Muslim.

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