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Pakistani M.Amir, S.Butt Spot Fixing Case Hearing Date

Posted by on Wednesday, December 22, 2010, 13:00
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Suspended left-arm pacer Mohammad Amir has rejected the suggestion to delay the hearing on the spot-fixing case, arguing that his lawyer is well prepared and would want it according to schedule.

Pakistani M.Amir, S.Butt Spot Fixing Case
Pakistani M.Amir, S.Butt Spot Fixing Case

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has called for a teleconference to be held today, following Salman Butt’s request to postpone the hearing until after the Scotland Yard has submitted its findings. However, Amir is upbeat on getting a clean chit from the ICC and is in no mood to call for the delay of the hearing which is currently scheduled from January 6 to 11 in Doha. The ICC would decide on the hearing schedule after getting versions from the lawyers of all three provisionally suspended players.

“I want the hearing on time and I’m looking forward to clearing my name from the scandal,” said Amir. “I would not suggest a delay in the hearing as my lawyers have prepared the case in time after a lot of hard work.”

He felt the delay might go in the favour of Salman but the bowler would gain nothing by the postponement.

“Salman might have asked for the delay on his lawyers’ advice. He may benefit from it but as far as I am concerned, the delay would only prolong the misery.”

He maintained he was not involved in any wrongdoings and was confident of proving his innocence.

According to an official close to Amir’s case, the fast-bowler is setting sights on World Cup which starts in February, following indications of getting clearance.

“Amir’s case is quite strong as he has support from various officials and sympathy from former cricketers due to his age,” said the official. “The case against him is the weakest compared to other players and he might get leniency during the hearing which is giving him hope for World Cup.”

ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat has already announced that the players would be able to take part in the World Cup if they are cleared of the charges.

While Amir has confirmed his stance on the teleconference, Mohammad Asif, the third suspended player,  has decided against openly expressing his views about the issue.

The ICC, in the meantime, is tight-lipped on whether it would arrange a separate hearing for the players or reject the request of postponement on the majority-basis.

“We cannot comment on the spot-fixing issue, it depends on what the tribunal would decide after the teleconference.

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  1. asad
    2011.01.08 18:46

    yar allah karay ap logo ka jaldi faisla ho jahay or ap log phir team ma khalnay logo

  2. shaan
    2011.01.27 19:14

    pakistan need mohhamad amir on the world cup>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    please com back aamir 😳 😳

  3. abeer butt
    2011.02.05 20:02

    allah ke agge dua hai ke ap 3 cricters ko jald ria kar de

  4. abeer butt
    2011.02.05 20:03

    allah ap ko izzat de

  5. Anonymous
    2011.02.23 23:03

    Abey chal nikal 😮

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