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Pakistani Models Showcase 2012 Fashion Show The Perfect Concoction

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The finale of Showcase 2012 brought in the bigwigs of the fashion world who showcased a variety of themes ranging from Feeha Jamshed’s Parisian streetwear to Datch’s grungy casual wear, Prada’s neon jumpsuits to Adnan’s classic sherwanis.

Showcase 2012 Fashion Show
Showcase 2012 Fashion Show

Amir Adnan

While Amir Adnan men’s collection primarily comprised classic black and off-white sherwanis, which were designed in his signature crisp and traditional look, they were far from boring. It was the way he toyed with finer details such as applique work and the embellishments in gold and silver wire work on the sherwanis which made them stand out

Trends to remember: The classic tight pants or chooridaars

The feel: Traditional and regal

The look: The modern nawab

Aghata Ruiz de la Parada

Spanish designer Prada marked her debut in Pakistan with such exuberant neon shades that they were reminiscent of delicious popsicles and lollipops. From jumpsuits to flared ensembles, winter clothing to summer wear, the colour palette of blood reds, neon greens, sunny oranges and flashing fuchsias reigned supreme in her collection

Trends to remember: Coloured sunglasses and colour-blocked heels

The feel: The lollipop collection

The look: US in the 1960s

Faiza Samee

Samee’s collection was a tribute to the ‘courtesans of Lahore’. From the farshi ghararas to the shararas and silk saris in shades of plum, pink, red and mint, the look was embellished with detailed embroidery

Trend to remember: Traditional tikkas and jhoomars

The feel: Rich velvet borders, jamawars

The look: Kothas of yesteryears

Sanya Muneer

Muneer’s highly wearable and very feminine line toyed with browns and beiges, delicate embroidery and embellishments with diamantes on flowy silks

Trends to remember: Flowers on the neck or as an armband

The feel: Exquisitely feminine

The look: Classy woman in contemporary times

Monia Farooqi

Mirror work seemed key in Farooqi’s collection which paid homage to “the bar girl of the Chandni Bar”. While some were appreciative of the miniskirts designed from traditional material or the colourful sari collection, others found the concept and result distasteful

Trend to remember: Mirror work and accessories like nose rings and ghunghroos

The feel: Enticing appeal of the bad girl

The look: The bar girl of Chandni Bar

Feeha Jamshed

Jamshed paid a glowing tribute to her deceased sister with a collection titled ‘Minnaal Jamshed’. While the show was in the form of a mournful procession, the collection retained her father’s famed line Teejay’s signature look as well as incorporating some Parisian pieces. Since the show was drenched in sorrow, the colour palette ranged in sombre shades of black, grey and white and finally moved to brighter shades towards the end, signifying a new beginning for the designer who has chosen to design under her own name rather than her father’s label.

Trends to remember: Eastern drapes in western outfits

The feel: Immaculate touch of the 1990s

The look: The serene woman


This Italian retail brand’s spring/summer collection 2012 featured hues of olive, grey and black, giving the collection a very 90s grunge appeal. With its signature vintage yet urban look, this was a line made for the younger lot.

Trends to remember: Leather handbags

The feel: Casual appeal

The look: Urban chic

Honey Waqar

The ‘Mahrani Kohinoor’ collection, with its over-the-top embellishments using semi-precious stones and diamantes as well as zardozi and gota work, was clearly not meant to be subtle, sophisticated or chic. It was definitely for the flamboyant bride.

Trend to remember: Use of semi-precious stones

The feel: Excessive embellishments

The look: For the daring bride

Mian Nauman

From Lahore came Mian Nauman, whose ‘Mela collection’ was precisely about colours and lace cut-work. The designer drew his inspiration from the colours of a mela and his collection was primarily in cotton material.

Trends to remember: Matching pair of earrings

The feel: Bright and lively hues

The look: Mela fever

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