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Pakistani Paris Hilton (Veena Malik)

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While the Oscars were taking place in Hollywood this Sunday, something of equal, if not greater, importance was taking place in Mumbai — Veena Malik’s ‘happy birthday’. And that too, her 25th! Was it the 25th time she celebrated her 25th birthday, we don’t know, but here’s what the disarming, and often brightly lit ‘Channo’ had to say to Pakistani Media via a phone interview about the affair.

Veena Malik

The jetsetter

It was only a week back; Malik was kicking up her heels in Dubai, when she was suddenly hounded by her Bollywood friends to come down to India to celebrate. Malik says, “My manager was like, ‘we should do something, let’s go out and party’, ‘after all, it is your birthday’.

But, lo and behold, there was an entire hoopla already arranged for her thanks to her Mumbai 125 km, Zindagi 50/50 and Daal Mein Kuch Kala Hai cast. “They threw a surprise party for me and so many people came to wish me. I had a great time.”

This led to our obvious question, “Is this really your 25th birthday?” The cheeky star replied, “How old do you think I look?” Before we could fathom an answer, she shared her well-rehearsed birth date “I was born February on 26, 1987”.

Veena imported

Malik, the high achiever, also has her sights set on a few international projects with a couple of projects already lined up for the near future. When asked details about said projects, she said, “It is too soon to disclose any information regarding them. But, yes, there is a British film.”

When it comes to Bollywood, she has just signed a contract for a film called Supermodel which is opposite none other than Indian actor and ex-flame Ashmit Patel. She adds, “This is where people will get to see the rocking chemistry between Ashmit Patel and myself, long after the ‘Bigg Boss’ episode.”

When asked what this project will entail, Malik adds, “It will be shot in Australia and the Fiji Island and since I love travelling, it will be super fun.” When she’s not busy with Patel, filming that is, she plans to be part of a few Indian fashion shows as well.

‘Veena ka Vivaah’

On what she is looking forward to the most, she shares, “its ‘Veena ka Vivaah’.” By that she means the show “Swayamvar: Season Four” where she will be selecting her swami for life. God bless the man! She is currently busy short-listing the candidates. We don’t know which comes more of a surprise, the fact that there is a show titled that or the fact that there are lots of candidates.

When asked if she misses her country, she replied, “Bohot yaad ata hai Pakistan. Every year, I used to celebrate my birthday in Pakistan with my family and friends.” Does she have any plans of visiting Pakistan soon, she says, “Yes, in 2013!” — Mufti Sahab, take notice!

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