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Pakistani Sexiest Actress and Bold Model Veena Malik the Queen of Scandals 2011

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Pakistani actress Veena Malik is continuously involved in one scandal or the other. The recent Veena Malik scandal is her nude photograph on an Indian magazine FHM cover with ISI printed on her arm. This photoshoot was bound to create a scandal against the actress whether ISI was written on her arm or not. There are definitely other ways to carry out a publicity stunt other than a nude photoshoot.

Veena Malik

The actress has filed for financial damage to the magazine FHM with a sum of Indian Rs. 100,000,000. The actress can easily pass for our local RakhiSawant. Malikโ€™s father has disowned Veena Malik after her nude photographs appeared on the cover of a menโ€™s magazine. Malik Mohammad Aslam says that he is not impressed with the situation at all. Even though the actress has completely denied that she modeled for the magazine FHM.

On the contrary FHM being a small Indian publication has received a lot of publicity.

The truth is yet unknown. But since Malik has been involved in many scandals people actually think this might be true. And the actress is capable of such bold stunts. The ISI tattoo on her arm simply adds to the scandal.

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