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People Foil Police bid to Arrest Dr Qadri (Long March)

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Tehreek Minhjajul Quran International (TMI) leader Umer Riaz Abbasi said the police made an attempt to arrest TMI Chief Dr. Tahirul Qadri; however, administration failed to do so faced with immense resistance by long march participants.

Dr Qadri Long March

Dr Qadri Long March

Abbasi said that Dr. Qadri on board his vehicle was en route to D-Chowk from Jinnah Avenue; however, the police personnel deployed at Kulsoom Chowk tried to intercept Dr. Qadriโ€™s vehicle to arrest him; however, the participants foiled this attempt.

The aerial firing was resorted to by police in this regard, he clarified. Furthermore, Minhajul Quran spokesman requested the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) to put name of federal minister on exit control list (ECL).

There are no reports regarding the number of injured in the clash. Edhi ambulances were seen moving in the area, where people forced the police to retreat.

There are reports that participants’ vehicles have been seized and some TMQ leaders have been arrested; however, these reports have not been confirmed as yet. The sources also confirmed the reports that Dr. Qadri has not been arrested.

Talking to media on phone, Federal Interior Minister Rehman A. Malik said he took notice of the clash and has called a report in this connection from the Islamabad commissioner.

The federal minister said he directed the concerned officials to provide complete security to the participants especially to Dr. Qadri.

Agencies add: Live television coverage showed forces firing in the air while supporters of Dr. Tahirul Qadri hurled stones at them. Dr. Qadri’s spokesman told Reuters the crowds had prevented government forces from arresting their leader Dr. Qadri.

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