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Philippines Election 2010 Results

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Presidential elections, legislative elections and local elections in the Philippines are scheduled to be held on Monday, May 10, 2010. The elected president will become the 15th President of the Philippines, succeeding President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who is barred from seeking re-election due to term restrictions. The successor of the Vice-President Noli de Castro will be the 15th Vice President of the Philippines. The legislators elected in the 2010 elections will join the senators of the 2007 elections and will comprise the 15th Congress of the Philippines.



The 2010 election will be administered by the Commission on Elections in compliance with the Republic Act No. 9369,[1] also known as Amended Computerization Act of 2007. It will be the first national computerized election in the history of the Philippines. Although, there were large cases of PCOS machine failures, there would be no postponement of elections.

Local elections are to be held in all provinces, cities and municipalities.

There are currently more than 85,000 candidates for only 17,000 national and local positions and it is believed that the youth will have the swing vote in this election as 40% of voters are 18-35 and there are a potential 3 million first-time voters.

In cases where a candidate is running unopposed, that candidate only has to win one vote in order to be considered elected. In this case, the candidate can vote for self.

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