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PM Gilani All Braced up for the Supreme Court Judgement Today

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Today will leave a significant mark on the pages of history, as Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani will walk to the Supreme Court of Pakistan to lend his ear to the verdict in contempt of court case for not implementing the apex court’s ruling on the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).PM Gilani

The Prime Minister is all set to march along with his cabinet team from the PM secretariat to the Supreme Court building where extra ordinary security measures have been put in place in view of the enormity of today’s event.

“I will appear before the Supreme Court,” Gilani told his Cabinet, while chairing the weekly Cabinet meeting Wednesday.

A seven-member SC bench headed by Justice Nasirul Mulk on Tuesday reserved the judgment in the contempt of court case against the Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani and ruled that the verdict will be announced Thursday.

Today, the Prime Minister would appear before the apex court for the third time. His earlier appearance before the SC happened on January 19 and February 13 this year.

The Premier said to his Cabinet that on Wednesday that he had always honoured the decisions of the court and fully respects its verdicts. He said the Supreme Court has summoned him for the third time and welcomed any other cabinet member who wished to accompany him.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik said the entire Cabinet would accompany the Prime Minister, when he appears before the seven-member bench of the Supreme Court today.

Here is what the Aitzaz Ahsan, the counsel of Prime Minister Gilani has been telling the media:

– The prime minister could not be disqualified as the result of contempt case as members of the parliament could not be disqualified for minor crimes like issuing of traffic tickets.

– The prime minister will have the right to file an appeal before the Supreme Court and as this appeal will be admitted, the sentence of the seven-member bench will be suspended immediately.

– Even if the appeal is rejected, the judgement will be transmitted to speaker of the National Assembly who has all the powers to decide whether or not the prime minister could be disqualified as the result of this judgement.

– Arguments could be made before the speaker National Assembly to convince her that Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani could not be disqualified as the result of a judgement in a mere contempt of court case. Most importantly, speaker will have 30 days to make this decision.

– If speaker National Assembly decides to send the reference to ECP, the ECP will have to give a decision within 90 days.

– Now, if ECP decides against the prime minister, the same will be challenged before high court.

– After complete proceedings of the high court, there will be an appeal.

– After the high court, the decision of the Supreme Court could be challenged in Supreme Court.

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