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PML-N Put an End to VIP Culture

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Pervaiz Rashid

Pervaiz Rashid

Claiming Minister for Information & Broadcasting, Pervaiz Rashid, says Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was covering up its poor performance in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa behind the smokescreen of protest sit-ins, news reported.

“PTI made a mockery of governance in KPK. They forsook those who gave them mandate to form government only to make a show of themselves at the sit-in outside Parliament House”, said he in a statement issued here.

Under fire from all quarters over spending millions of rupees on ‘insanely long security escorts’ for very important persons (VIP), the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) minister jumped to claim that PMLN had vetoed the ‘VIP Culture’ in Pakistan.

“The PMLN has always opposed ‘VIP Culture’ evident from the absence of a VIP lounge at Lahore Airport constructed during a past regime of our party”, Rashid added.

On the contrary, the PTI was rife with VIP Culture as its leader was enjoying the luxury of his home-away-from-home container and Banigala home too at night, while the party workers were forced to camp out under the open sky.

Commenting on Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader, Khurshid Shah’s advising Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to better announce mid-term elections, Rashid said Shah must have said it in personal capacity and not as a leader of Opposition in the National Assembly.

“There are no two opinions that holding public meetings and protest rallies was a democratic right of every political party, but Shah’s statement was contrary to the resolution passed by the joint sitting of Parliament”, he added.

Rashid further said that Shah’s suggestion, if somehow followed, would actually usher in a revival of the politics of 1990s.

On the politics of sloganeering, he said the parties, whose workers had dug graves, worn coffin, and attacked police, Parliament House, Prime Minister House, Pakistan Secretariat, and Pakistan Television buildings, were dying politically slowly & steadily.

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