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President Zardari says I can Transform Karachi into Dubai

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President Asif Ali Zardari claimed transforming Karachi into a Dubai-like city if he wanted so but he thinks fragile law and order situation and unsatisfactory security in metropolis will hinder his efforts, News reports on Thursday.Asif Ali Zardari

President made these remarks addressing the outgoing Senators here at Aiwan-e-Sadr.

To the retired Senators, President said we have to make defence of our country ‘invincible’, adding that a lot has yet to be done like improving economy of Pakistan.

Zardari said the outgoing senators will be remembered in the Parliamentary History as proud members of the parliament that unanimously removed the traces of dictatorships from the Constitution by passing the historic 18th and 19th Constitutional Amendments, besides making possible the realization of shared national idea of restoring democracy by their wisdom and selflessness while being members of the upper House.

The Senate has been the fountainhead of political reconciliation in the country that was convincingly demonstrated while making critical legislation, he said.

The President said that the work of the senators and parliamentarians have enhanced the trust of the people not only in politicians, but also in the parliamentary democracy as a guardian of our national aspirations, which he said was no small achievement.

He said that the government was doing a lot on all fronts but much more needed to be done to face various challenges and put the economy on the fast track of growth and development. The head of the state said Pakistan is rich in all kinds of resources but anti-state elements do not allow them to serve the country. “We are not being allowed to work,” President rued.

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