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Probe Whale Sharks Death British Scientist Arriving Karachi Today

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A British scientist is to arrive in Karachi today to examine and record the details of the 11-meter long whale shark that was towed by local fishermen to the Karachi Fish Harbour from the open sea earlier this week.

Whale Shark

He is being accompanied by a documentary production team to tape the carcass. On Thursday, Karachi Fish Harbour Authority (KFHA) officials, after weighing the carcass at Weigh Bridge, moved it to the site of a former zoological museum inside the harbour to preserve it for research.

KFHA officials said the exact weight of the whale shark was 14.5 tons. They said a four-member team of British experts from the ‘Windfall Films’ production company, along with a scientist who specialises in whale sharks, was arriving today (Friday) to conduct the dissection of the dead marine mammal and ascertain the cause of its death.

Producers from Windfall Films, which is known for producing documentaries and films on science fiction, contacted KFHA officials and had shown interest in documenting their investigation into the cause of death of the whale shark.

Fisheries authorities said some experts from Marine Fisheries Department and the Centre of Excellence in Marine Biology, University of Karachi, also visited the Fish Harbour, and collected samples of the whale shark.

Meanwhile, KFHA authorities approached the director general of the National Museum to request him to preserve the whale shark.

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