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PSB director-general criticises federations

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ISLAMABAD: Director-general of the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) lashed out at national federations for their nonchalant role, suggesting that “overage athletes and officials of national federations were doing no good for the betterment of Pakistan sports”.

This was Syed Amir Hamza Gilani’s first critical statement against the national federations since he took over the PSB’s reins in 2008.

PSB director-general criticises federations

PSB director-general criticises federations

Pakistan had faired poorly in the Olympic Games and

regional events while for the last two decades it is only the

South Asian Games that have remained a ray of hope for Pakistani athletes to win a few medals.

Hamza told Dawn on Monday: “We have been funding the federations for the last several decades but the results on the other side by the athletes has not been impressive, a proof of the pathetic sports management of the national federation officials.”

The sports bodies, he said, had no vision for containing the decline of sports and to win medals in international events.

Hamza, also a former shotput athlete, said that not a single sports body had worked out a proper plan for winning a medal at international events while the federations have no vision of reaching the podium in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

He insisted: “The officials of sports bodies always ask for more financial assistance from the Federal Government and the board is fulfilling their requests but this is not a longterm solution while the results are always poor.”

The national federations, he said, should develop sports marketing and management departments but the officials were not following international practices.

Commenting over the role of sports bodies, he said: “You will not see the sports bodies holding events in remote towns of Punjab or Sindh or in any other province which indicates that their officials are not willing to take the games to the grassroot level.

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