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Punjab Finally legislates Against Underage Marriage

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In an unprecedented move, Punjab, the most populous province of Pakistan, is close to introducing a stringent law against underage marriages, news reported.

Punjab Assembly

Punjab Assembly

“Muslim Family Laws 2015 Bill passed Punjab Assembly without hitting any snags Friday. Lawmakers hoped that after its imposition the offenders, who previously slipped to safety through the legal loopholes, will not be able to laugh at the law this time around,” sources told to media.

The jurisprudential measure will come into force after the office of the governor, which unfortunately lies vacant at the moment, ratifies it with a signature.

“Under the new law, the parents, foster-parents, Nikah Khawan (a cleric who performs Muslim marriages) will not only be fined but also jailed for splicing a minor girl or a boy to each other or to adults respectively,” sources said.

Those (guardians or fathers and mothers or both) who are found guilty of the aforementioned offence will be sent to prison for six-months on top of being slapped with Rs50,000 fine.

“Any Nikah Khawan, who doesn’t fill all the mandatory fields on the Nikah Nama (a Muslim marriage contract form), will be punishable by this law. The guilty will have to serve a month’s time in the jail and pay Rs25,000 as fine,” the sources added.

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