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Rainwater Enters Residences in Karachi

Posted by on Wednesday, September 14, 2011, 9:55
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rain in karachiRains continued to played havoc in parts of Sindh including Karachi on fourth consecutive day. Rainwater mixed with sewerage water entered residences in the city, adding to the plight of the people already facing severe difficulties in the wake of relentless rains.

Sindh Governor Dr Ishrat ul Ebad visited various areas of the city affected with heavy rainfalls. He said that arrangements for water draining would be made till midday.

Rainwater mixed with overflowing sewerage water in Sadar area of the metropolis. Waters entered houses located near S M Collage and D J Collage, damaging furnitures and various other goods.

Governor Sindh Ishrat ul Ebad said there were not much resources with elected representatives, however they would make all out efforts to overcome the reckless situation.

He said that pumping stations for water draining were facing power breakdown.

At least 298 feeders of KESC got trip due to the heavy rainfall.

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